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District Brackets – Class 2A – Region 1

  Below are the 4 brackets for the District Playoffs on the Boys’ side for Class 2A – Region 1, which is District’s 1-4. To see a few of these you’ll need to toggle down on their bracket. A few things jump out. 6 of the teams in the Region are ranked in last week’s 2A poll and 2 more were considered so this is strong region this year.  But ALL 6 are in 3 & 4, so there’s a concentration there that is rare around the state. In District 1 it is Forest’s to lose.  They ran the table and 2nd seed Buchholz went down 14-6.  Home field in this gargantuan district by area is enormous and they should make the brackets. In District 2 Fleming Island came on strong in the second half of the season, winning their last 8 games after opening up with a gauntlet of PV, Creekside, Nease and Bolles to open the season.  The next seed, Fletcher, fell by 7 in the regular season. District 3 is possibly the best District in the state this year, with Ponte Vedra, Creekside and Nease all Top 15 in the last poll.  All signs point to an epic rematch between PV and Creekside after their one-goal game at Rivalry on the River.  Can Creekside finally get past their nemesis? District 4 is also very strong, with Lake Mary, Oviedo and Lake Brantley all being ranked right now.  Oviedo and LB will hook up in the semifinal after MaxPreps deemed Lake Mary the #1 seed even after Oviedo ran the table and it must be solely on the strength of schedule differential.  One thing I noticed when looking at the MP data is that the Lake Brantley game was recorded as a Non-District game, which I don’t understand, leaving Oviedo, Winter Springs and Seminole as their only District games in the database.  That does bring up the issue of how non-played District games against weak opponents figures into the power ranking compilation. Figuring out the winner in District 4 means accepting that the home field in an Oviedo-LM game would have been big for Oviedo but they face a Lake Brantley team they defeated at home by one goal at home.  That likely semifinal matchup will be as good as any in the state. Right now I would look for Forest and Fleming Island in Round One of the FHSAA bracket as a pretty likely bet and I will just sit back and watch (hopefully not on an NFHS webcast fiasco of a broadcast) the other two play out, since 5 of the 6 can get through (I don’t see Nease possibly getting by both Creekside and PV back to back).  PV and Lake Mary are the favorites but unlike in many year’s past they are not head and shoulders above the others.   <2021 Boys Lacrosse District Championship Tournaments 2A District 1 > <2021 Boys Lacrosse District Championship Tournaments 2A District 2 > <2021 Boys Lacrosse District Championship Tournaments 2A District 3 > <2021 Boys Lacrosse District Championship Tournaments 2A District 4 >