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FLN’s Interviews From Jingle Brawl!

Wonderful weather the whole weekend allowed us to host a number of interviews at the event.  Thank you Bo for a great location to film from! The list ran the gamut from current high school coaches to a young group new to the sport! Please note that one of our interviews was removed by Twitter and I’m trying to get an answer from them.  If anyone reading this knows how to challenge it (I can’t self-report an item on their Contact system).  It was with Ray Colaiocovo and was about our talks with Fox Sports Florida.  We talked about his background in Sports Production (for those not aware, Ray has produced for ESPN, HBO and a number of Fox Sports Florida shows you watch for the Marlins, Panthers, etc., and has won an Emmy award too! I suspect that Twitter didn’t like we gave out FSF’s contact data, but that is on a page from their web site so that is already in the public domain: Have fun watching!  Many different facets of the game and for kids looking to make some money I really recommend Paul Cicio’s interview!