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Jupiter 2019 Dylan Frankhouser Commits to Air Force!

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  (Repost) Congratulations to Dylan on his college choice and good luck in the future!   Name Dylan Frankhouser High School Jupiter High School Graduation Year 2019 College Choice United States Air Force Academy Club Affiliations Sweetlax Florida and Palm Beach Revolution     Why did you choose this college? I chose the United States Air Force Academy because the Coaches and staff welcomed me in on my visit and really created a “home like” atmosphere. Also, the excellent curriculum and majors, beautiful campus, and the ability to serve my country really attracted me to the Academy. What are your first memories of the sport? My first memory of lacrosse was in my first JTAA Lacrosse game when my Coach put me in on defense and I had no clue what to do. When I touched the ball for the first time, I ran offsides across the midfield line. What part of the process was most surprising to you about the recruiting process and what would you like to pass on to those who are going to face it in the future? The part that surprised me the most was the length of the recruiting process. I personally didn’t expect it to take as long for me, but I ended up being recruited in the Fall of my senior year. Some knowledge that I would like to pass down to younger players is to take their time with the process and don’t rush yourself or feel pressured to commit because others are. You will always find your home eventually! Who would you like to thank for helping you get here? I would like to thank Roger Bradford for introducing me to the game. I would also like to thank my current and past Coaches, teammates, friends, and my Parents for helping me throughout the process.