Palm Beach Central Alum Samuel Peede Needs Our Help


Fromer PBC lacrosse player Samuel Peede continues to struggle with Ewing Sarcoma Cancer and needs financial assistance to fight for his life.  Please help out if you can!



From his GoFundMe PAGE:


We are not winning this battle for Sam, Chloe and Mason, and we urgently need financial assistance to give them access to an opportunity in Tampa that might offer the chance to save Sammy’s life. A recent PET Scan indicated that Sammy’s cancer has spread throughout various parts of his body, it is no longer limited to just his lungs. Are you able to help Sammy, Chloe and Mason beat Ewing’s Sarcoma?

Since our last update, Sam had a partial lung lobectomy, removing his inferior and middle lobes to try to help buy more time so Sammy could get into some trials. Unfortunately, Sammy endured many complications from the surgery — persistent fevers, night sweats, shortness of breath and intense pain from significant internal bruising. The doctors could not figure out why he was running constant fevers, and after testing, eventually discovered that Sammy had excessive fluid in his chest. They were able to remove that with a short procedure, but overall, Sammy had a much rougher recovery than had been expected. We all still held out hope though, that it would be successful in buying Sammy more time.

Unfortunately, only a month later, we received the bad news that the cancer had returned in his lungs and this time the tumor had accumulated right by his esophagus and impinging an artery that feeds his right lung. As of now Sammy’s right lung is barely functioning due to the remaining fluid in his chest and the tumor invasion. Sammy’s days go up and down — he can barely swallow and cannot eat very well, and he coughs and wheezes much of the time. The surgery took a major toll on him and he has lost almost 25 pounds.
Sammy has always been a fighter throughout his illness. As of now, he has exhausted all options at the University of Miami, except for radiation treatments they offered as more palliative care to help relieve the pressure from the tumor on his esophagus. Thus, we have had to seek another alternative. Unfortunately, due to the extent of the cancer, he did not qualify for a couple of other trials; however, when all else seems lost, a glimmer of hope appears.

We were able to find an option at Life Works Wellness Center in Tampa, Florida. This center has been treating cancer patients for 23 years with great success by integrating traditional, westernized cancer therapies and natural, holistic, nutritional, whole-body approaches, including: various IV’s treatments, IPT Chemo sessions, HOCATT (Hypothermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy), supplements and many more options to try and heal Sammy. ( The treatment, of course, comes at a high price for their 10 plus week program.

We are desperately asking for any support you can give. Every dollar makes a difference and every Facebook “Share” gets Sammy’s story out to more people. We are trying to help Sammy win this battle and Life Works Wellness Center is our last hope. We don’t want to lose this opportunity for Sammy to live a life with his 4-year-old son, Mason, and his wife of 8 months, Chloe.

On behalf of the Peede and Hustad Families, we humbly thank those who have been with Sammy and Chloe through this very difficult journey, by contributing their hard-earned money, offering prayers of healing and sending encouraging words to this wonderful couple. In faith, we can move through the trials of life with confidence and hope, “and hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.”  Romans 5:5