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Recruiting Rundown’s Ty Xanders: Highlight Reels – What To Do & What Not To Do

Author’s Note:  If you are looking at getting recruited you need to know who Ty Xanders is and be familiar with his website Recruiting Rundown.  I’ve gotten to know Ty over the years and he pretty much covers the entire country to give you the best information about recruiting available (you’ll note that we carry Ty’s Twitter feed on this page so you can get the latest from him).  Ty first published this article in 2015 and recently re-ran it.  I think it is a terrific piece of advice for every family out there who is looking at playing at the college level.
  Note: This article originally ran in July 2015   Excerpt: Over the past few years, highlight reels have become an essential part of getting recruited. They won’t make or break the recruiting process (reels can literally make anyone look like a stud), but they’re vital in terms of getting on a college’s radar and solidifying interest. However, some lacrosse recruits seem to struggle when it comes to making the perfect highlight reel that leaves the right impression, properly details every part of a skill set and includes contact information. With that said, I’ve put together over 10 tips on what to do and what not to do while putting together a highlight video.   WHAT TO DO Put all of the best plays towards the beginning. There’s a reason that this is the first one on the hit list – it’s the most important. Most college coaches will probably watch the first minute and a half to two minutes then move on if they’re not impressed. Cram your most impressive plays into the opening segments. Start with a bang, don’t finish with some sort of grand finale. Quality over quantity. To piggyback on that last point, put together four and a half minutes of your strongest plays rather than nine minutes of mediocrity. There should be a two-song limit (at the very most) on every reel… And I’m not talking Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”.   Read the rest HERE