Triple Crown Sports FLN Weekly Media Poll – The Week Ending 3/10/2019 – Oxbridge the New #1!

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Got it?


Last week’s Triple Crown Sports Top 25 Poll 

1) Jupiter – LOST

2) Ponte Vedra – LOST

3) Oxbridge

4) Cardinal Mooney – LOST

5) Benjamin – LOST

6) Lake Highland Prep – LOST

7)  St. Thomas Aquinas

8)  Winter Park – LOST

9) St. Andrew’s

10) Plant

11) Creekside

12) Jesuit of Tampa

13) American Heritage-Plantation

14) Oak Hall

15) Bishop Moore

16) Canterbury School – LOST

17) Newsome – LOST

18) Belen Jesuit – LOST

19) Lake Mary

20) Riverview-Sarasota

21) Melbourne Central Catholic

22) Western – LOST

23) St. Edward’s – LOST

24) First Academy

25t) Providence School

25t) Out-of-Door Academy – LOST


Yeah, some of these were the lower ranked team losing to the higher ranked team.  But not all.

We’re only three weeks into the season.

There’s a Bee Gees song called Tragedy . . . it’s a very catchy tune.  Here’s part of the refrain:


When the feeling’s gone and you can’t go on

It’s tragedy

When the morning cries and you don’t know why

It’s hard to bear

With no one to love you

You’re goin’ nowhere

Kind of thought I could use it for two things.  First as a background to a parody tune called Parity but also as an intro to a disturbing trend in Florida lacrosse.

First the parody . . . 


When the favorite dies and you can’t see why

It’s parity

. . . 

Now all of you know why I don’t write songs for a living.


A Disturbing Trend – Is Georgia Eating Our Lunch?


Lambert takes the battle for Southeast supremacy with the 11-6 win over Ponte Vedra

Starr’s Mill, a team with 4 losses in Georgia, comfortably beats Creekside and Bolles preseason

Walton clobbers Lake Mary preseason

Lovett comes down to Orlando and sweeps LHP and Bishop Moore on back to back nights.

Too much game playing and not enough practice?  Too many club events and not enough individual instruction?

We have a new Coaches Association in this state, maybe this should be a weekend retreat agenda item?


Okay, time for some highlights!  During the Oxbridge – Jupiter game there was an #FLNTop10 (okay, completely ripping off #SCTop10) play as well as the film I referenced about the winning goal scored by Jack Kilian.  Here they are:




What I like about the Kilian goal is the patience.  Instead of immediately driving to the net hard and drawing the attention of the slide in front, he looked to get to a point where he could get a few seconds to isolate without the defense being able to double, since his teammates could all have been open depending on which defender made the first move.  His head was up the entire time and you could see the recognition as he peered just before accelerating.  A nice, simple attempt to set up multiple chances for himself and his teammates instead of trying to put his head down, lean into the middie and likely drawing the double in front.  Note also that his teammates kept their spacing and were ready to spot up if their defenders started to move.  Nice team effort!


Key Games From Last Week



All Saints Academy 7-6 over Windermere Prep

Wiregrass Ranch 12-11 over Forest High

Jupiter 18-8 over King’s Academy

Lake Mary 12-4 over Oviedo

Stoneman Douglas 12-10 over Columbus



Canterbury 11-10 over Calvary Christian (Ft. Laud.)

Lake Highland Prep 13-12 over Hagerty

Lake Brantley 11-10 over Lake Howell

Riverview-Sarasota 11-6 over Out-of-Door Academy



Edgewater 10-9 over Windermere Prep

Windermere High 15-12 over Montverde Academy

Gulf Breeze 11-9 over Pensacola Catholic

Oviedo 7-5 over Merritt Island



Oxbridge 9-6 over Jupiter

Wiregrass Ranch 12-8 over All Saints Academy



Plant 8-6 over Newsome

Lambert (Ga.) 11-6 over Ponte Vedra

Lake Mary 10-4 over St. Edward’s

Bishop Moore 11-3 over Benjamin

Saint John Paul II 10-4 over American Heritage-Delray

St. Thomas Aquinas 12-9 over Lake Highland Prep

Saint Andrew’s 11-8 over Cardinal Mooney

Viera 12-8 over Merrittisland

Riverview-Sarasota 5-4 over Canterbury

Windermere High 15-12 over Montverde Academy

Lake Brantley 6-5 over Winter Park



Cardinal Mooney 14-6 over Belen Jesuit

Boca Raton 8-5 over Western

Ponte Vedra 10-2 over Memphis U. School (Tn.)


And now let’s take a moment to remember one we lost last week . . . 

In the Inaugural Episode of . . . 

Lee’s Useless Pop Culture Trivia!

(I suggest you mute the sound and just watch the subtitles since it was obviously being read by some sort of AI)


Chris Pallis, also known as King Kong Bundy, passed away last week at the age of 61.

Pallis was tied into the 1980’s sitcom Married With Children in an unusual way.

Besides appearing a couple of times in episodes he also served as the inspiration for the naming of the family!  The two creators of the show, Matthew Moye and Ron Leavitt, were big wrestling fans and, in particular, of Bundy.

And something I did not know until this is that Marci and her husband, the Rhodes family, are named for wrestler Dusty Rhodes.

And that’s why we call this USELESS TRIVIA.

But still fun.

Stay tuned!


Schools Having Nice Seasons Without Much Fanfare


We always have schools that are not given a lot of coverage, either because I don’t get to see them, they never utilize our Submit Game Recap or Report Media Coverage features, or are just relatively new to varsity status and just not on the radar yet.  Another reason is that they are not playing a rigorous schedule but they are winning the games they do schedule!

So let’s mention a few and as the season goes on we can keep you updated!

Riverdale – Head Coach Richard Williamson – they are off to a nice 4-1 start

Fort Myers – Head Coach Josh Vazquez – they gave Canterbury a scare last week

Windermere High – Head Coach Richard Kraetzel – 5-1 and the only loss by one goal to West Orange.  They potentially can make their way into the Top 25 by year-end

West Broward – Head Coach Nathan Fontenot – a 5-2 record and interest in the program is growing!

Wiregrass Ranch – Head Coach Tom Fitzsimons – 6-0 to start the season, the schedule is a little light right now but let’s see how they finish.

Berkeley Prep – Head Coach Brian Watson – a 4-1 record with a one-goal loss to Admiral Farragut, certainly going to get Top 25 consideration

Steinbrenner – Head Coach Nick Peck – a 4-1 record with the only loss by one girl to ranked Newsome, certainly going to get Top 25 consideration

Hagerty – a 5-2 start and a one goal loss in OT at LHP.  That got my attention this week.

We’ll think about some more next week.


And now a word from our Sponsor . . . 



Many of you saw my rant at the start of my Cardinal Mooney – Saint Andrew’s recap article about the incident after the game.


This is a physical game and kids will sometimes get hurt.

This is an emotional game and sometimes we get too invested.

None of this matters when our kids go off to school, find their passions, start their families . . .

Stop treating a high school lacrosse game like it does.



The Underdog Upset Of The Week

This is becoming harder each week in a season like this.

Do I go with Lake Brantley knocking off Top 10 Winter Park?

Boca Raton’s Saturday win over Western?

Edgewater’s 10-8 win over Windermere Prep?

Palm Beach Central’s 9-5 win over Park Vista?

At first I was thinking of the Palm Beach Central win.  But I have no idea right now how this Park Vista team compared to the one last year that made great strides and I know how well PBC’s HC Bill Allen knows the game and how dedicated he is to keeping his program in the mix.  So I have to go with Edgewater, which is having a nice season at 5-2, but was coming off successive 19-0 and 16-4 losses to Bishop Moore and Windermere High to take a win against a program I have seen consistent improvement from.

Congrats to HC Rabon Smith and his Eagles!


Lee and Atlantic Coast Set A Record


This might be the only time I mention either of these two teams as they are both winless outside of this one, but for one astonishing night they are front and center of the Florida lacrosse world.

On Tuesday they played what is likely the Florida record of SIX overtimes before Lee pulled out the 4-3 win!  Let’s hope they give me more reasons to mention them in future years!

Here’s Mike Loveday’s coverage of this on his website LaxRecords.Com



My 1980’s Journey Continues

As part of the desire to stay away from the 1970’s for every song I choose here’s Don Henley’s The Boys of Summer.  I was never really big on The Eagles but for some reason I found Don Henley’s career after leaving more appealing, so here it is:


Just a side note, as I’m doing this Top 25 the movie Wild Things is on HDNMV.  I’ve never watched it but the Ransom Everglades scene location makes me curious to catch some . . .


Alright, since it’s been a long week let’s get right to it . . .

And remember, as we say in the financial world, Past Performance is No Guarantee of Future Results.

That’s certainly true so far this year.


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Triple Crown Sports/FLN Weekly Top 25 Poll for the Week Ending 3/3/2019


1) Oxbridge – road wins over Saint Andrew’s and Bishop Moore and the home win over Jupiter

2) Jupiter – someone else has to prove they can beat the Warriors too.  So far it’s been only Oxbridge and SA the last 2 seasons and they already avenged SA twice

3) Ponte Vedra – Lambert is the real deal in the South

4) St. Thomas Aquinas – Tuesday they look to send a message

5) St. Andrew’s – looks like they are getting it together

6) Cardinal Mooney – they showed well in a tough atmosphere

7) Plant – maybe a little too high but they are doing what they need to right now

8) Lake Highland Prep – the road loss to STA was not a bad sign at all

9) Bishop Moore – huge road win over Benjamin, will they continue to improve?

10) Creekside – Friday at Jesuit is all of a sudden a must-attend game . . .

11)  Jesuit of Tampa – for both sides

12) American Heritage-Plantation – On Tuesday they also want to send a message

13) Oak Hall – unfortunately the schedule does not look as good as it was over the summer

14) Benjamin – just like Bishop Moore they have to earn their way back to Top 10 and Tuesday would be a great way to do it

15) Lake Mary – righting the ship

16) Newsome – Plant loss doesn’t cost them anything, a great showing . . . and the schedule is better this year

17) Lake Brantley – a bit of a mystery to me but trending in the right direction.

18) Riverview-Sarasota – a one-goal win over Canterbury gives them upward movement

19) Winter Park – is the Bishop Moore win the only hat to hang on this season?  We’ll see.

20) Belen Jesuit – solid effort against Cardinal Mooney, we’ll see how they react to a loss

21) Melbourne Central Catholic – needs to keep winning

22) First Academy – kind of stuck for now and needs to keep winning

23) Steinbrenner – impressive start but a weaker schedule until Plant late keeps them kind of capped

24) Providence School – just going along

25t) Canterbury School – three straight one-goal games and finally it caught up to them

25t) Gulf Coast – taking care of business, but the schedule on MaxPreps keeps them pretty capped too


Also Considered:

Berkeley Prep, Boca Raton, Bolles, Boone, Fleming Island, Gulliver Prep, Hagerty, Martin County, Montverde Academy, Out-of-Door Academy, Oviedo, St. Edward’s, Stoneman Douglas, Viera, Western,  Windermere High



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