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FLN/FAN’s Girls Preseason Top 15 Polls Now Up On Substack

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in , , , .

A few things to remember:

Regardless of where I think the team will be at the end of the season, the defending state champions start off the season at #1 until proven differently and the runner-up starts no worse than #2.

The Polls are determined by me based on starting from last year and doing my best to go through rosters and statistics to determine what was lost and what was coming back. Not all transfers are easy for me to pick up on either.

I do ask around to coaches and others for opinions.

The last thing to remember is that we wait until 2 weeks are in the can before we do the first in-season Poll. That way we have more data going forward.

Okay, here we go! Click on image below.

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