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FLN Florida Prep Showcase All-Stars Announced!

We’ve had intense interest in who the college coaches named to the All-Star team for our event in Sebring this weekend!

This is Part One of a Two-Part series about the weekend, so I will be following up with a review of the event and a number of interviews that were conducted with parents, coaches and players.

The Coaches interviews are not a complete list of the attendees, and we will attempt to hold Zoom interviews with all of them, so they can provide the details of their programs.

I am including one interview here, of three Saint John Paul players, so you get their perspectives.

FLN is FIRMLY committed to supporting events that are FULL of instruction, and that will not change.

Here’s the All-Star list, as voted on by the Coaches!


Coen Woodland, William Bulloch and Ryan Ahern


Campbell Elwell, Jonmikel Incavido, Joshua Romine, Julian Warden and Park Keefer


Brian Kubiak, Rylan Runske, Ryan Peterson, Zion Garcia and Eric Sands


Raul Rivero and Jack McKay


Ryan Magee and Justin Cole

Congratulations to all of you! We’ll be announcing this list on Morning Coffee tomorrow on the Florida Lacrosse News YouTube channel at 8:30am!

Stay tuned for more in Part 2!