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FLN Girls 2A Top 10 for the Week Ending 3/12/23!

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Out-of-state games are hitting here too, as Steinbrenner got their shot at Paul VI (VA) but fell 15-10. Still, the experience of playing these types of games are invaluable. They are off this week until the big game with LHP on the 21st. Measuring stick time.

Last week’s Poll:

FLN Girls 2A Top 10 Poll – Week Ending 3/5/23

1) Steinbrenner (6-0)

2) Bartram Trail (5-1)

3) Vero Beach (8-1)

4) Newsome (6-0)

5) Plant (5-1)

6t) St Thomas (2-3)

6t) Hagerty (4-3)

8) Jupiter (5-2)

9) Boca Raton (7-1)

10t) Riverview (5-4), Gulf Coast (4-2) and Manatee (3-1) can play this out this week . . . I need another week to think this one through!

Also Considered:

Lake Brantley (5-1), Oviedo (8-1) and Viera (4-1)

Bartram is cruising along as has their own big out-of-state game with SSSA coming up, also on the 21st, as they are off this week.

Vero keeps winning and goes to St. Thomas for a game tomorrow. They get their out-of-state games coming up too.

Newsome gets their test on Friday with the trip to LHP.

If you’re seeing a theme here, it’s easy. The top teams are holding serve . . .

If there’s a mover right now, it’s clearly Hagerty, as they continue to put their hard early schedule behind them. Like other schools, they are struggled with a Lake Mary team that is replicating Bishop Moore’s season, with tough losses to a loaded schedule, but not winning any of them yet (except a one-goal Bishop Moore win in the 1st game).

St. Thomas continues their hot and cold year and is pretty much treading water, while Plant falling to Paul VI; they are off this week and will travel to Newsome on the 23rd. St. Thomas hosts Lake Mary this week.

Viera handled Edgewood and is off for a while. They need to keep winning since the schedule really only has Lake Brantley left. Jupiter and Boca both have banked wins early, but their schedules are not very rigorous, although Jupiter now faces 6 straight road games.

Lake Brantley continues to work their way up and have three solid games coming up to end the season and prove themselves further. That goes true for the rest of the schools here; they are all looking for some move up. Manatee’s one-goal loss to St. Stephen’s was a lost opportunity.

Not a lot of movement outside the Top 10 and Also-Considered’s right now.

Lake Mary can make a big move up with some good wins. But just like Bishop Moore, I need a win first.

FLN Girls 2A Top 10 Poll – Week Ending 3/12/23

1) Steinbrenner (7-1)

2) Bartram Trail (8-1)

3) Vero Beach (10-1)

4) Newsome (8-0)

5) Hagerty (7-3)

6) Lake Brantley (5-1)

7) Plant (6-2)

8) St Thomas (3-4)

9) Boca Raton (8-1)

10) Gulf Coast (7-2)

Also Considered:

Lake Mary (3-5), Riverview (6-4), Oviedo (9-3) and Viera (5-1), Manatee (3-3) and Jupiter (6-3)