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FLN Boys 2A Top 15 for the Week Ending 3/12/23!

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We’re starting to see separation right now, with the Top 3 teams pulling away in my estimation.

Here’s last week’s Poll:

FLN Boys 2A Top 15 Poll – Week Ending 3/5/23

1) Lake Mary (6-0)

2) Ponte Vedra (6-1)

3) Winter Park (6-1)

4) St. Thomas (3-1)

5) Jupiter (6-2)

6) Plant (4-3)

7) Mitchell (7-2)

8) Nease (4-3)

9) Viera (7-1)

10) Windermere (6-2)

11) Western (5-0)

12) Newsome (6-1)

13) Forest (3-2)

14) Bartram Trail (3-3)

15) Niceville (6-0)

Also Considered: Columbus, Hagerty, Steinbrenner, Spanish River, Miami Palmetto, Alonso, Creekside, Gulf Coast

Nothing to change at the top. Lake Mary, Ponte Vedra and Winter Park are clearly the three best 2A teams in the state until proven otherwise.

Lake Mary gives Jupiter a 12-4 loss on Friday after clocking Hagerty. Ponte Vedra travels to the DC Belt and earns a big win against a top northern program (today’s Bullis loss is what it is, a loss to the nation’s #7 team – more on that on Morning Coffee tomorrow). And Winter Park has March 25th circled on their calendar. Laxnumbers has them at 1,2 and 4 in the state, either class.

PV is off this week, while Lake Mary goes to Cardinal Mooney on Friday for a great game (YouTube broadcast too!). Winter Park goes to Vero and Windermere this week.

The next three are Plant, St. Thomas and Jupiter, and right now I do not see them at quite the same level. Each has a few holes that the others don’t. Two of them are going to Naples (although keep an eye on Columbus . . . they’re not ready yet to go through, but they are on the rise and had a very nice win at Canterbury this week and they have a monster schedule in the second half to learn from).

St. Thomas has the best win of the three, with the one-goal win over Benjamin, plus a road win over Community in the first game, while Jupiter beat St. Edward’s and SJP early. Plant has three close losses to Mooney, PV and Jesuit, but hasn’t been able to put one away. Can one of the three get on a streak?

Then you get to the next tier, with Nease, Steinbrenner, Mitchell and maybe a few others. Viera, Gulf Coast, Creekside and Windermere have nice records but none of them have played the schedules of those above them. Community gave Western their first loss Friday, and I still don’t have a feel for Western.

Steinbrenner had the week’s biggest win, with a solid takedown of Mitchell, for bragging rights between them. Steinbrenner’s biggest issue now is the schedule isn’t helpful the rest of the way, with Newsome the only likely test until the playoffs.

Lake Brantley is making a move, with a big road win over Viera. Nease had a scare from Menendez. Vero knocks off Windermere. St. Augustine laid an egg against Gulf Breeze after a nice win over Pensacola Catholic.

Bartram knocked off Forest and takes on Episcopal, Bolles and Nease among their next 4 games, so they’ve got their fate in their own hands. Niceville lost out-of-state. Forest lost twice last week.

There’s an old line about not being able to handle prosperity, and 2A is giving plenty of examples of it.

Just assume we will still be seeing volatility in the bottom third of this Poll the rest of the way.

FLN Boys 2A Top 15 Poll – Week Ending 3/12/23

1) Lake Mary (8-0)

2) Ponte Vedra (9-2)

3) Winter Park (8-1)

4) St. Thomas (4-2)

5) Jupiter (7-3)

6) Plant (5-4)

7) Nease (6-3)

8) Steinbrenner (7-1)

9) Viera (9-2)

10) Mitchell (9-3)

11) Newsome (7-2)

12) Western (6-1)

13) Bartram Trail (5-3)

14) Windermere (7-3)

15) Columbus (4-3)

Also Considered: Forest (6-4), Lake Brantley (5-4), Creekside (8-3), Gulf Coast (10-1), Niceville (7-1), Lake Howell (8-2)