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FLN Girls Class 2A Top 10 Poll – 3/19/23!

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We’re now at the point in the season where there’s enough data to tighten up both polls and power rankings, as we come down to the final three weeks of the season.

Our top teams have been playing national games, and for the most part, I do not weight them too much in my thinking, since few of our high schools get to play top national programs.

Most schools were off last week due to the spring break, so there isn’t going to be much movement.

Last week’s Poll:

FLN Girls 2A Top 10 Poll – Week Ending 3/12/23

1) Steinbrenner (7-1)

2) Bartram Trail (8-1)

3) Vero Beach (10-1)

4) Newsome (8-0)

5) Hagerty (7-3)

6) Lake Brantley (5-1)

7) Plant (6-2)

8) St Thomas (3-4)

9) Boca Raton (8-1)

10) Gulf Coast (7-2)

Also Considered:

Lake Mary (3-5), Riverview (6-4), Oviedo (9-3) and Viera (5-1), Manatee (3-3) and Jupiter (6-3)

Steinbrenner did not play last week and travels to LHP this week, to face the team they defeated last year at home. Truly a big test for them. They also face Olentangy, a top Ohio program, on Saturday during a 3-game week.

Bartram Trail was off last week, with the St. Augustine postponement, and faces SS&SA (VA) plus the ROTR game with Ponte Vedra on Saturday.

Vero Beach travelled south to St. Thomas and came away with the 1-goal win, then fell to Gerstell Academy (MD) by a goal. No real impact on their Florida ranking with that loss. They also get their shot at nationally-ranked Stone Ridge (MD) this week.

Newsome fell 13-8 to LHP, as they continue to have a great season from their junior class. Two games, including a home game with Plant are up this week. Plant was off this week and has 3 games of their own.

St. Thomas split one goal games with Vero and Lake Mary, taking the Rams yesterday at home. They are off this week. Hagerty was off last week, and has 3 games, including Sacred Heart of Kentucky on Saturday.

Jupiter’s loss to King’s Academy among their two games, causes them to drop out of consideration, and the rest of the schedule does nothing to help them regain the ranking.

Boca Raton went 1-0 and is off this week, so there’s not much until the last week to get them any more consideration.

Riverview went 1-1, with a bad loss to Community School, so they drop off until we see a reason to again consider them. Gulf Coast did not play and has Riverview on Saturday.

Manatee handled Mitchell but the rest of the schedule is not favorable to helping them here. Manatee’s win over Gulf Coast was early in the season, and neither of them did anything to change their resumes for now.

Lake Brantley did not play and has enough good tests the rest of the way to keep making their case.

Viera did not play last week and needs to go 2-0 this week; a loss would be difficult to recover from in this Poll. Oviedo was off last week and has games with Hagerty and at St. Augustine this week, so they can show they belong.

And that leaves Lake Mary, with pretty much replicates Bishop Moore in their season . . . So we’ll still ‘Consider’, but I want to see a win before they get their Poll position. PLENTY of opportunities coming up!

And just like 1A, there’s really no real movement as we wait to see the impact of this week’s matchups. I looked at Stoneman too, but they only have one Top 10 opponent and Boca handled them comfortably. It’s a similar story with Celebration, losing to Viera comfortably. Lake Minneola, at 5-0, has a schedule that won’t get them considered.

So here we go:

FLN Girls 2A Top 10 Poll – Week Ending 3/19/23

1) Steinbrenner (7-1)

2) Bartram Trail (8-1)

3) Vero Beach (11-2)

4) Newsome (8-1)

5) Hagerty (7-3)

6) Lake Brantley (7-1)

7) Plant (6-2)

8) St Thomas (3-6)

9) Boca Raton (9-1)

10) Gulf Coast (7-2)

Also Considered:

Lake Mary (3-5), Oviedo (9-3), Viera (5-1) and Manatee (4-3)