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Florida Rules the NAIA; Keiser #1 and Webber #3!

via the NAIA press release/website

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Keiser (Fla.) claims the No. 1 spot in the latest edition of the 2023 Men’s Lacrosse Coaches’ Top 10 Poll.

Poll Methodology

  • The rating committee is comprised of eight raters – two raters per conference/group.
  • Each conference/group produces a conference rating from which raters will use to compile their national ballot. Only teams represented on the conference rating are eligible for the national ballot.
  • Each rater will submit a top 15 ballot, which will be used to produce the Top 10 national rating and a list of other teams receiving votes.
  • The Top 10 is determined by a points system based on how each voter ranks the best teams. Each voter ranks 15 teams. A team receives 15 points for each first-place vote, 14 for second place, 13 for third place and so on through the list.
  • The highest and lowest ranking for each team (a non-rating is considered a low rating) is removed and the team’s ranking will be recalculated with an additional point added to each team for every ballot (including discounted ballots) that the teams appear on.
  • Teams that receive only one point on the ballot are not considered “receiving votes” 
16Keiser (Fla.) [7]8-098
22Indiana Tech [1]3-192
310Webber International (Fla.)7-084
43Cumberlands (Ky.)4-082
51Reinhardt (Ga.)6-174
68Siena Heights (Mich.)0-267
74Aquinas (Mich.)1-257
87Tennessee Wesleyan3-252
9NRMount Vernon Nazarene (Ohio)7-051
10NRConcordia (Mich.)2-142

Dropped from the Top 10: St. Ambrose (Iowa), Benedictine (Kan.)

Receiving Votes: William Penn (Iowa) 38, St. Ambrose (Iowa) 30, Ottawa (Kan.) 23, Lawrence Tech (Mich.) 20, Benedictine (Kan.) 15, Madonna (Mich.) 6, Columbia (Mo.)