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Former Launch Star Casey Powell 1st Inductee to the Professional Lacrosse HOF!

Congratulations to Casey for this award. PLL is overseeing this new HOF and there were 10 named in the class.

Chris Rosenthall and Kyle Devitt have penned this tribute to Casey and we are linking to it:

Hall of Fame Inductee: Casey Powell


People like to separate players in other sports into eras. Lacrosse does that to a certain extent, but not as derisively or dismissively. But one day they will. A new generation of lacrosse fanboys and fan ladies will look back upon the games played by those in Casey Powell’s era and they will scoff. They will claim that he wasn’t as athletic as some D1 All-American with 200 points. Or that he was just an above-average passer. You know, something absolutely idiotic like that. 

People like us will always be there to savage that sort of ignorance when it comes to the achievements of any Powell, but especially Casey. 

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