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Friday’s TV Schedule

via the ESPN Watch Website

The first four games, all high schools, are available on ESPNU and these are all listed as Eastern Standard Time.

All the World Championship Placement Games are on ESPN+ and these are all listed as Eastern Standard Time.

At 1:00pm, Ireland and Germany should be a close game

At 4:00, Italy and Puerto Rico should be a heck of a game. Both teams have automatically qualified for the next World Championships as Top 10 finishers.

At 7:00pm, Jamaica and Israel play for 7th/8th. There’s a distinct Hobart flavor to this one! Mark Darden plays for Jamaica, while Max Silberlicht is the Israeli HC, and his younger brother Jake is joined by Wylie Sherman as roster players.

At 10:00pm, the Japan-England game is for 5th place, which means getting slotted into Pool A for the next tournament. I don’t believe England has ever fallen out of Pool A, so Japan is looking to make an impact here after earning a Bronze in the inaugural Sixes event!