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Girls 1A Regional Final Results and a Few Thoughts

American Heritage-Delray and Pine Crest are on for today in 1A, Region 4

Remember that the FHSAA will re-seed the Final Four brackets according to their Power Ranking system. Coming into Friday’s games, we had (based on the last published 4/15 rankings):

AH-Delray #1

LHP #2

Pine Crest #3

ESJ #4

St. Stephen’s #9

Naples #11

St. Augustine #13

Edgewood #27

1A – Region 1

Episcopal School 20-4 over St. Augustine

ESJ continues their strong season as they showed they were clearly the best team in Region 1, and now they go on to likely face Lake Highland, unless Pine Crest upsets AH-Delray. If that happens, it will be tight between LHP and PC for the #1 seed, but the difference in calculated value should keep LHP at the top, making it an ESJ-Pine Crest semifinal.

1A – Region 2

Lake Highland 20-3 over Edgewood

No real surprise here, as the ratings gap was big. Congratulations again to Edgewood for being the first Brevard County team to make a regional final, either Boys or Girls.

As noted above, LHP is likely going to face ESJ in the semifinals.

1A – Region 3

Naples 12-7 over St. Stephen’s

Rain delayed the start, but the home field advantage for Naples helped lead them to their first Final Four appearance. They will likely face the #1 seed, no matter who it is.

They will have an unusual advantage going into next week, as they do not have to travel at all.

1A – Region 4

AH-Delray vs Pine Crest (TBD)