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The Eagles Have Landed – Stoneman Boys & Girls Lose Their First Round Matches to STA & Pine Crest – Update

Author’s Note:  Sorry, I never categorized this so it only appeared via Twitter and Facebook, not on the site under the right categories.

When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, he responded to NASA’s question of what was happening with “The Eagle Has Landed!”

Unlike in the movies, where most endings are written to favor the underdog or the team overcoming the big odds, last night finally closed the chapter on what was arguably the toughest lacrosse season any Florida high school has faced.

And you could kind of say the proper saying for the end of their seasons is ‘fade to black’ as both teams were easily dispatched.

Their game movies ended quietly, anti-climactic as neither game was in doubt late.

I could see it on both Coach Burton’s and Coach Fenton’s faces . . . the fatigue and the resignation.  And on many of their players too.

The quiet in the stands.

Even the lack of a big round of cheers by the winning sides.

No real chatter on the field after the game.

Just a lot of wanting to get some closure.

For the seniors on both teams, I can’t just thank you for your efforts as players like I do with so many of these other playoff articles.

All of us in the lacrosse community need to thank you for showing us how you grew up fast, unfairly so, and carried on as representatives of your school, your families and the fallen.

It was an awful lot to ask for.

But you gave us what you had left and there’s nothing more we could ask for.

I did not get to the Girls’ game until midway through the second half so I can’t recap that game.

I don’t know how many goals Tara Schecter, Rachel Zeitz or the rest of PC’s team scored, or who tallied for Stoneman.

The final score was 16-4.

But I’ll be able to carry the memories of that first night in West Boca and that will never go away.

For the Boys, the first home game versus Cardinal Gibbons, a game I was also privileged to be on hand for.

I did take the notes for last night’s game.

A number of STA players put up great numbers and the team finally looked like many of the issues they’ve dealt with offensively are getting fixed, at the right time for them.

Grant Laman had a monster game,  Max Schwarz had his coming out party with 4G, Nick Yovino with 3G/2A and CJ Borodiak with 2G/3A and so on.

STA fired 56 shots versus Stoneman’s 13.  The final score was 18-4.

And on any other night I’d be celebrating the games they played at length.

This time I’ll just say ‘way to go boys!’

Because low key is the only right way to handle last night.

Tuesday will be a more appropriate time to get back to normal.

February 14th seems like a long time ago right now to me.

But not to Andrew Pollack.

I’ve been here for both STA-SD games and got to speak to Andrew both times before the game.

The first time it was really difficult . . . he was wound so tight that night.

Last night it was different.  Big accomplishments have been achieved and more are on the way.

The pain will always be there, but by God’s good grace the right messenger was anointed.

I’ve contributed what I could to the healing process.

But there’s one thing I have not done and today I’d like to do it.

Meadows Playground & Garden is not yet done raising the funds to build her memorial.

FLN has never set up a paywall for our content.  So maybe it’s time for a little old-fashioned guilt trip approach by me.

I turn 60 years old this year.

For the next 24 hours, we are asking that if you appreciate what we have done at FLN over the years then we would appreciate if you go to:

Meadow’s Garden and Playground . . . and donate $6 today . . . 10 cents for each of my years.

Let’s make yesterday more than just a lacrosse game, let’s make it a thank you to the kids who did not give up, as well as the kids who are moving on to play next week.

A thank you to Ted Swoboda for sending me the pictures from the game.

And a good luck to the STA and Pine Crest players next week.

And a big thank you to Coach Burton, Coach Fenton, their staffs, the players on both teams and the Stoneman lacrosse community for letting me inside to see what was going on.

We are all in awe of what you faced this season.