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Ian Update

Obviously, Hurricane Ian has, and is going to, impact our community for the time being. There’s no point in updating and posting articles for a few days, so we’ll take a break from doing that.

We have a number of Commitment articles that came in the last few days and there’s no point in publishing them until our readers can view them. Given how many people around the state are without power that will take a while (and in the northeast of the state they probably haven’t experienced the outage yet), so we’ll wait for now.

Thankfully, my area did not experience any real issue (Pompano Beach), but I was in touch with many coaches and friends around the state that can’t say that, including my brother, who moved to Naples earlier this year.

I’m sure we’ll see pledge requests all around the state and through the Red Cross, and those who can hopefully chip in financially please do so. It’s too soon to know how the lacrosse community will be affected, but there will be. Naples is the planned location for the 2023 Final Four and a couple of major college events. Plenty of showcases are scheduled in locations across the path. We’ll just have to see.

If you know of any relief efforts that pop up, please send a link or some info on them to and we can help to publicize them.

Our best wishes and prayers to all the victims of the hurricane and we’ll continue to use FLN as a helpful conduit of information in the coming days.

There’s no point in broadcasting Morning Coffee until Tuesday, when more information is available for us to report on.