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IL Interview with PLL CEO Mike Rabil

I found this a very good read, so here’s an excerpt and link to the rest.

Q&A With PLL CEO Mike Rabil: Reflections Heading Into Year 4

by Kevin Brown, photo by James Beaver for IL


A couple days removed from the Opening Weekend, Premier Lacrosse League co-founder and CEO Mike Rabil spent a half hour chatting with IL about all things Year Four.

With slight edits for the sake of clarity and brevity, this is what he had to say.

Inside Lacrosse: Feeling drained from Opening Weekend? 

Mike Rabil: No, quite the opposite actually.

Expectations are always high for us because we’re always sort of beating expectations. But that’s just like how we run our business. So, like, every year, we have to find ways to not only motivate ourselves, but then also find opportunities for us to create a better fan experience on-site, to create a better viewing experience if they’re watching the games on TV, to create a better player experience through training camp and all the way through first game weekends.

And, you know, we take it upon ourselves to do that. And it’s a mission statement, honestly. Our mission statement is to trailblaze the future of professional sports. It’s player- and fan-focused. And so if you think about all that, it’s like that just sums up exactly what I said in a more eloquent way. 

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