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IL’s Terry Foy: Age-Based Classification Is Coming to Youth Lacrosse

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(Note, this article highlights an issue I’ve been hearing about for years, and it looks like finally the issue is being met head on – great job by Terry!)

via IL website, (Inside Lacrosse Photo: Matt Kinnear)


Have you ever attended a game between two youth lacrosse teams and wondered why their names were Philadelphia LC 2032s vs. Connecticut 2032s? Aren’t these kids in third grade? Why are they referring to themselves by the year they’ll (likely) graduate from high school?

Well, the effort to transition how youth lacrosse teams are organized is underway.

Coming away from the National Lacrosse Federation’s annual September meetings, this message was sent to its members:

Effective Immediately for the Summer of 2023:

* September 1st to September 1st is the club season
* Players are to Play in the class they are currently in
* No player can play down in the summertime

Effective for 2023 Fall / 2024 Spring and Summer (Not Finalized)

* Age Verification through an online portal to upload DOB and Report Card
* Age Window for each class that is 16-18 months – TBD
    – September 1st to December 1st – Vast Majority in favor
    – September 1st to February 1st
    – Birth Year with a window like hockey

We would like to come to a conclusion on this topic by the end of December and make it public in January.  The plan would be to have market adoption at all NLF Members events so that we can blanket the high end events.

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