JU: Men’s Lacrosse Adds 17 to 2022 Recruiting Class

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via JU press release

Jacksonville, Fla. – The Jacksonville University men’s lacrosse program led by head coach John Galloway has announced a talented group of newcomers joining the program in the fall of 2022.

“We are eager to welcome the incoming JU men’s lacrosse class of 2026,” Galloway said. “This group is special because of the unique diversity across the country, the raw athleticism and size, and most importantly the most academically decorated class we have had to date. These young men are coming to campus with an expectation to be championship caliber, and that challenge begins now.”

Read below to learn more about the JU men’s lacrosse class of 2026:

Luke Coleman
Position: Attack
Hometown/High School: Reisterstown, Md. | Franklin High School
Height/Weight: 6’1″ | 175 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Luke was a late diamond in the rough with this class. He possesses the skill and athleticism to play midfield or attack. He is a natural scorer with a blue-collar mindset. I know we are excited to see Luke on the offensive end of the field for the next four years.

Nicky Brown
Position: Attack
Hometown/High School: Towson, Md. | The Boys Latin School of Maryland
Height/Weight: 6’1″ | 175 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Nicky is an old-school attackman with high IQ and energy. His personality is infectious, and his tutelage at Boys Latin will prepare him well for the transition into the college game.

Will Hardy
Position: Midfield
Hometown/High School: Tully, N.Y. | Tully High School
Height/Weight: 5’11” | 175 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Will is an old-school midfielder from Upstate N.Y. Will played attack in high school but can do it all given his multi-sport background. He is the younger brother of my college teammate, Dan Hardy, and I think Will has an itch to be great like his older brothers. His work ethic is unmatched both on the field and in the classroom.

Jack Taylor
Position: Midfield
Hometown/High School: Westborough, Mass. | Lawrence Academy
Height/Weight: 5’11” | 180 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Jack has the tools to be an early impact Division I midfielder. He is smart, smooth, and confident with the ball in his stick. He reminds me a lot of current midfielder Jack Dolan. I can’t wait to work with him here in Jacksonville, as we start to implement the offense with guys like him!

Breyden Harrison
Position: Midfield
Hometown/High School: Apex, N.C. | Middle Creek High School
Height/Weight: 6’1″ | 190 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Breyden was a late pick-up in the class, and I’ll admit I was shocked he was still available. He is a pitbull midfielder who can play both ways and his football background will bring a toughness and edge that fits our core values. I am excited for Breyden to bring an extra element of physicality to our locker room.

Colin Olson
Position: Midfield
Hometown/High School: Woodbury, Minn. | Woodbury High School
Height/Weight: 6’2″ | 190 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Colin is the type of guy you want to find yourself in a street fight with, as long as he’s on your team! This multi-sport athlete plays with a little vinegar in his system and will find a way to impact us early on. As an engineering major, Colin is going to be a workhorse on the field and in the classroom, but he is ready and capable to handle that challenge.

Sam Rodriguez
Position: Midfield
Hometown/High School: Lino Lakes, Minn. | Centennial High School
Height/Weight: 6’0″ | 180 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Sam is another multi-sport athlete that will bring athleticism and size to our midfield. I believe Sam’s background as a RB is what attracted us to him the most. He can operate in space and is just learning the nuances of the game, so we know his ceiling is high. I believe he is motivated to come to Jacksonville with a chip on his shoulder from Minnesota.

Gavin Angell
Position: Midfield
Hometown/High School: Delaware, Ohio | Olentangy Berlin High School
Height/Weight: 5’11” | 185 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Gavin is yet another multi-sport athlete at the midfield for us. His football background will benefit him early in his career. He is more of a slick dodger with a lot of confidence with the ball in his stick. We are excited to elevate the speed of the game for Gavin and get him in the ropes as soon as he is on campus.

Robert Pendergist
Position: Midfield
Hometown/High School: Brielle, N.J. | Manasquan High School
Height/Weight: 6’0″ | 185 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Robert is going to be one of our favorite stories of this class with his recruitment to his commitment. We fell in love with his speed and willingness to do whatever was needed for his team. His athleticism sets him apart. He is another multi-sport athlete with high end football skills that will translate to the lacrosse field. We can’t wait to get Robert in our locker room and on the field.

Aaron Toguri
Position: Defense
Hometown/High School: Toronto, Ontario | Bishop Allen Academy
Height/Weight: 6’1″ | 175 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Aaron is going to be an electric watch on our field for the next four years. His background from the indoor game elevates our compete level and our toughness. He is as skilled with a pole as most would be with a short stick. He will be a playmaker for four years, and I know Coach P is eager to get him into our system to add another spark of disruption.

Max Manware
Position: Defense
Hometown/High School: Cheshire, Conn. | Cheshire High School
Height/Weight: 5’10” | 175 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Max may not pop off the page with his build, but his fire runs hotter than most. He is a playmaker between the lines and doesn’t seem to get tired. His soccer background has built him perfectly for the LSM position, and I know he is excited to wreak havoc between the lines.

Tucker Macknik
Position: Defense
Hometown/High School: Baldwinsville, N.Y. | Baldwinsville High School
Height/Weight: 6’2″ | 175 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: I am selfishly excited about Tucker because of his roots. He is an upstate defender from Syracuse with a high IQ and ability to make an impact up top and down low. He’s another multi-sport athlete that just learned how to play the game the right way. Tucker’s frame is perfect for this level, and he is just scratching the surface for his capacity.

Thomas Dezio
Position: Defense
Hometown/High School: Alexandria, Va. | St. John’s College High School
Height/Weight: 6’1″ | 195 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Thomas is going to bring a new blue-collar approach to our close defense. He is old school with his approach and fits our culture about as well as you can. He will come in day one looking for a fight, and we need more guys like that to consistently be championship caliber.

Quinn Fuller
Position: Defense
Hometown/High School: Mars, Pa. | Mars Area High School
Height/Weight: 6’1″ | 190 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Quinn is built ready to be a prototypical number one defender. He is strong, lean, and confident. Another multi-sport athlete, Quinn served as the quarterback for his football team. I feel that similar leadership when he is on defense. He will be asked for a lot early in his career, and I know that the staff is excited about him.

Kiernan Holmes
Position: Defense
Hometown/High School: Minnetonka, Minn. | Minnetonka High School
Height/Weight: 6’4″ | 200 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Size, skill, and IQ are very difficult to teach. Kiernan has all of those. He is built for team defense, and cause disruptions in so many ways. His hockey background is obvious on the turf, and this Minnesota product will bring some presence on the back end.

Eli Grizzard
Position: Face-off
Hometown/High School: Collierville, Tenn. | Collierville High School
Height/Weight: 5’10” | 180 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Eli is our specialist in the class, and we are thrilled to have him. He is a pitbull at the X and is capable to play with the ball in his stick. His work ethic is what sticks out to me. He doesn’t seem to have an off button. I think he is going to cause fits and we are here for it.

Evan Sharp
Position: Goalie
Hometown/High School: Missouri City, Texas| Ridge Point High School
Height/Weight: 6’1″ | 235 lbs.
Galloway’s Takeaway: Evan is another multi-sport athlete with a relentless work ethic that will earn him respect from his teammates. Nobody attacks their craft like Evan Sharp. He wants to be great, and his actions speak on that. He will be a welcome addition to the goalie room.