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FLN: I found this online yesterday and I think it’s a terrific read, and I encourage all parents to read this.

Magical Mystery Tour

by Quint Kessenich, 7/31/23


I think it’s vitally important that parents and prospects don’t confuse exposure with improvement. There’s a vast difference between getting better and being evaluated. A young players focus should be on improvement and then later to be seen and categorized for appropriate college placement.

Here are anecdotes that may help you navigate the club calendar:

When on the road, invest in camaraderie. “The most memorable part for the kids is hanging together at the hotel,” said an experienced father. “Whether in the lobby or hotel rooms, let them bond and have fun. But make sure they get to bed at a decent time.”

Good luck with that.

“Emphasize fun, 100% effort, and on-the-field communication for your kid. Summer ball isn’t the place for perfection,” explains the parent. “You will experience a wide range of enthusiasm and effort levels from different teammates. You can’t control that.”

The sun isn’t your friend. Multiple game-days melts players into zombies. “Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Rest in the shade between games,” said the Dad.

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