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Live Blog of Ponte Vedra and Bishop Moore Girls’ Semifinals!

  Getting ready for the second game and the crowd is still coming in Ponte Vedra looking for a return trip to the finals and Bishop Moore looking for their first final! PV with the draw Watson with the early goal at 24:37 for PV for the early 1-0 lead on a low left shot Jean Kachris ties it for BM 7 seconds later after wining the loose ball. PV with the draw BM goalie Alexander with the save Turnover BM Fast break ends in a one on one save by Alexander!   BM Stricker finds Hoffman on the crease for the 2-1 lead at 21:10 BM gains control again Turnover on a middle pass leads to a fast break that is turned aside BM with the ground ball but turns it over at the mid line Shot wide by PV and they turn it over in front Stricker goes down the right and dodges middle for the left hand to the top left corner for 3-1 at 18:28   PV wins the draw and goes to goal at 18:09 and Thomasson scores with the left hand for 3-2 BM controls the draw BM goes to goal and a weak shot is scooped up by PV On the possession it was Thomasson taking the feed by Johnson while cutting down the middle at 15:33 to tie it at 3. PV draw but Alexander turns away the middle shot by DeRozier BM turned away and Thomasson again scores with 14:07 left off the feed for 4-3 BM’s Stricker ties it again with 13:23 left on a great individual effort in front   PV with the draw Big save by Alexander on the free position A long lead pass finds Hoffman on the breakaway for the top right corner shot and the 5-4 lead at 12:08 Time Out   BM controls BM takes the two goal lead as Hoffman finds Spalding in front for the high shot at 11:04 for 6-4 BM gains again Free position by Stricker and a top right shot hits home at 9:28 for 7-4 BM again gains the draw After the free position Piscopo picks up the loose ball in the middle and BM now leads 8-4 with 8:08 left in the half   PV finally gets possession Johnson gets one back to make it 8-5 on the free position low shot BM again controls, it’s been a big difference Fable from Stricker makes it 9-5 at 6:39 for BM. PV controls PV with two great looks but BM turns them away and clears Blystone converts on a spin move and a clear path down the middle at 4:53 for the 5-goal lead.  BM’s offense is finding holes and off ball cutting PV to death right now   BM again A goal is waived off at 3:08 and a free position is saved by DeRozier Another free position for Stricker but the shot goes high Inside feed but the shot goes wide right BM still pressing With 30 seconds left it’s Kachris with the right angle to the middle dodge for the left hand shot and 11-5 This offense is on all cylinders BM regans but DeRozier makes a last second stop and BM leads 11-5 at the half   Second half starting PV REALLY needs to find some solutions to BM’s offense BM wins the draw and hits the cross bar with the bounce shot PV tried to cleas and off the free position Alexander makes the save and started the clear BM goal waived off for the crease violation PV fast break turned away by Alexander again Finally, Watson pots one at 22:27 for 11-6 BM   BM again Spalding from Stricker on the patient behind the net game and feed to the cutter for 12-6 21:08 BM on the draw violation DeRozier saves but Spalding steal the outlet pass and scores into the net at 19:56 for 13-6 BM again Hoffman feeds Blystone down the middle for the easy goal and this is getting away from PV as their defense just can not find the way to play BM;s offense.  19:27 left and it is 14-6.  BM is dominating draws too.   PV wins a draw Reiman brings it back to 14-7 at 18:48 on the free position shot to the low left PV wins another draw, they need momentum to kick in An underhand shot is saved and BM clears Fast break save by DeRozier and a charge turns it over to PV PV intercepted on the clear and BM on attack A give and go in front but Stricker shoots high PV regains possession on the trail check   Johnson gets another back for PV to make it 14-8 at 15:08 on the dodge down the middle PV starting to gain some life The PV draw and Lecker gives life at 14:52 to make it 14-9 Time out on the field   Another PV win Free position for PV with a chance to cut it further and Johnson converts again for a 14-10 BM lead with 14:12 left And again to PV but the big save by Alexander and BM looks to clear Post by BM off trhe free position Patience pays off as Spalding converts on the back door cut for 15-10 with 10:25 left PV needs to keep winning draws BM ganis the draw.  Last possession was three minutes and a goal Free position but Stricker is stopped, BM retains Blystone feeds Fable in front of the cage for the 16-10 lead at 8:48.  BM regaining control of the game   BM again. A few more changes of possession and PV clears Watson makes it 16-11 with 6:40 left on a dodge from the right to the middle and the left hand shot BM with a big draw control Hoffman from Piscopo for 17-11 BM with 6:16 left, a dagger after that PV tally BM with possession on the draw violation Blystone from Stricker at 4:21 for 18-11 as PV’s energy level has started to go, open all alone in front This one is pretty much over PV with the draw Fast break shot is high at 3:44 it’s Thomasson scoring to make it 18-12   PV on the draw But a turnover and BM clears Hoffman makes it 19-12 all alone in front with 2:50 left BM wins the draw and tie is running down Game over BM’s offense will be a challenge for STA