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Live Blog of St. Thomas Aquinas and Benjamin – THE Rematch!

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
  Getting ready for the great rematch of last year!   STA with the win and a quick Benj takeaway Turning it back over to Madrill with the early save on Cropp Turnover and STA clears At 9:47 it’s Crowley giving STA the lead off the left wing, dodging to the cage and going low Benj faceoff win Madrill saves high on the Nicklaus left hand shot but STA fails to clear Costello strips and goes down the field but misses wide At 7:42 it’s Harrington with the curl from the left side and a bounce shot beats Michels for 2-0 Izquierdo wins, goes right wing and STA takes the time out   Shot wide by STA Gonzalez coming out from the right wing for the finish and 3-0 at 6:38. Time out Benjamin   Benj wins the draw Peter Reed breaks the ice for the Bus at 5:43 on the right alley dodge for 3-1 Just 13 seconds later its Izquierdo winning the draw, going right alley and finding Crowley all alone in front for 4-1 STA with the faceoff on a push Costello off the up top feed with the worm burner on the left wing for 5-1 at 4:48. Lobosco with the win but the pass goes awry and back to STA Borodiak fires from 13 yards out for 6-1 at 3:36 and this is not what Benjamin wanted STA winning the ground ball battle at midfield Bucs win the faceoff Madrill with a big save on Buttelman in front And Erdmann with the shot, also saved Benj getting good looks but Madril coming up big Buttleman finally breaks through on the dodge to the middle from the left wing at 2:06 to cut it to 6-2   STA with the win A failed pass gives the Bucs the ball at midfield Peter Reed with a split dodge to the cage and a low shot for 6-3 with 50 seconds left in the first Benj with the loose ball scramble and the shot goes wide, STA ball A missed pass and a long throw and the period ends at 6-3 STA   Benj gets the faceoff for the second Madrill stones Reed on the low right alley Costello clears for STA Gonzalez step down goes wide Michels with the save off the mask Crowley saved by Michels and Benj clears Erdmann high Nicklaus with a magical move from left GLE to the front and the behind the back between two players for 6-4 at 7:47 #Sportscenter Top 10 – see, I actually know ONE social media thing STA with the faceoff win Laman wide on the right side curl Harrington wide Crowley bounces one over the net Gonzalez high Gonzalez from Crowley on the crease for the 7-4 lead at 5:31. Benj with the faceoff win and Lobosco hammered by Costello for an unreleasable Madril with the huge door step save on Kelly Guglielmo stripped on teh way to goal but Justice picks off the outlet and STA settles down STA time out before the strip   Pass for Harrington on the cut goes wide and Benj takes over Time out Benj with 3:03 left Madril battles off the Nicklaus rip Cropp scoops the Reed shot rebound and it is now 7-5 with 2:02 to go in the half Momentum slowly building for Benj STA faceoff violation but Bowie stripped Justice with the step down after the Guglielmo feed from right behind for the 8-5 lead with 1:09 left STA wins the faceoff, runs the offense and Harrington fires wide to end the half with STA leading 8-5   STA wins and Benj strips Cropp high and wide Reed draws a push for 30 seconds on a right alley dodge, Benj up Nicklaus with the top left shot right into Madril’s stick Benj ball off the scramble Picked off pass by STA Passes picked off, STA regains Crowley pass to Gonzalez goes high and Benj takes possession Cropp with the great move down the left but Madril stones him and STA takes over