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MCLA: SELC Schedule

via the MCLA website

The Florida MCLA schools are all in the SELC, so here’s the complete schedule for the upcoming season, so you can pick a game to attend:


 Sat Jan 2112:00 pmGeorgia Southern University Florida Poly Georgia Southern
 Sat Jan 282:00 pmGeorgia Tech Roe Stamps Field Reinhardt University Georgia Tech
 Sat Jan 282:00 pmGeorgia College and State Univ. Georgia Southern Georgia College
 Sun Jan 291:00 pmCentral Florida North Florida Central Florida


 Fri Feb 036:00 pmVanderbilt – Natchez Trace Field Georgia Vanderbilt
 Fri Feb 037:00 pmAuburn Georgia Tech Auburn
 Fri Feb 037:00 pmClemson Rec Sports Fields Florida Clemson
 Sat Feb 041:00 pmFlorida Gulf Coast University University of Tampa Florida Gulf Coast
 Sat Feb 041:00 pmAlabama Intramural Fields Field #2 Virginia Tech Alabama
 Sat Feb 042:00 pmGeorgia Southern University Coastal Carolina Georgia Southern
 Sat Feb 043:00 pmCentral Florida LSU Central Florida
 Sat Feb 043:00 pmUniversity of Miami North Florida Miami
 Sun Feb 0511:00 amCentral Florida LSU South Florida
 Sun Feb 0512:00 pmGeorgia Club Sports Complex Florida Georgia
 Sun Feb 0512:00 pmAuburn Virginia Tech Auburn
 Sun Feb 0512:00 pmFlorida Atlantic University North Florida Florida Atlantic
 Sun Feb 051:00 pmGeorgia Tech Roe Stamps Field Vanderbilt Georgia Tech
 Fri Feb 1012:00 pmVanderbilt – Natchez Trace Field Iowa State Vanderbilt
 Fri Feb 107:00 pmFlorida State University Boston College Florida State
 Fri Feb 107:00 pmClemson Rec Sports Fields Auburn Clemson
 Fri Feb 107:00 pmSouth Carolina-Bluff Road Practice Fields James Madison South Carolina
 Fri Feb 107:30 pmNorth Florida Florida North Florida
 Sat Feb 1112:00 pmUniversity of Mississippi University of Kentucky Alabama
 Sat Feb 111:00 pmFlorida Gulf Coast University Webber International University Florida Gulf Coast
 Sat Feb 112:00 pmFlorida Polytechnic University Citadel Florida Poly
 Sat Feb 112:00 pmVanderbilt – Natchez Trace Field Iowa State Georgia Southern
 Sat Feb 113:00 pmGeorgia Club Sports Complex Auburn Georgia
 Sat Feb 114:00 pmUniversity of South Florida Florida Atlantic South Florida
 Sat Feb 114:00 pmGeorgia Tech Roe Stamps Field James Madison Georgia Tech
 Sat Feb 115:00 pmFlorida State University Central Florida Florida State
 Sun Feb 1212:00 pmUniversity of South Florida Citadel South Florida
 Sun Feb 1212:00 pmVanderbilt – Natchez Trace Field Georgia Southern Vanderbilt
 Sun Feb 121:00 pmUniversity of Florida Boston College Florida
 Sun Feb 121:00 pmClemson Rec Sports Fields Georgia Clemson
 Fri Feb 176:00 pmBlackburn-McMurray Sports Complex Georgia Ole Miss
 Fri Feb 177:00 pmUniversity of Florida South Carolina Florida
 Fri Feb 177:00 pmTexas A & M Auburn Texas A&M
 Sat Feb 1810:00 amFoley Sports Tourism Kennesaw State Dallas Baptist
 Sat Feb 1810:00 amFoley Sports Tourism Miami Rhode Island
 Sat Feb 1811:00 amWake Forest – Water Tower Field Florida Atlantic Wake Forest
 Sat Feb 181:00 pmBlackburn-McMurray Sports Complex New Hampshire Georgia
 Sat Feb 181:00 pmFoley Sports Tourism North Texas Miami
 Sat Feb 181:00 pmFoley Sports Tourism Texas A&M DII North Florida
 Sat Feb 181:00 pmFoley Sports Tourism East Texas Baptist Florida Poly
 Sat Feb 182:00 pmAlabama Intramural Fields Field #2 Georgia Tech Alabama
 Sat Feb 183:00 pmGeorgia Southern University Elon Georgia Southern
 Sat Feb 183:00 pmTCU Sports Club Field Auburn Texas Christian
 Sat Feb 184:00 pmFoley Sports Tourism Kennesaw State Rice
 Sat Feb 185:00 pmFlorida State University South Carolina Florida State
 Sat Feb 187:00 pmFoley Sports Tourism Rice Florida Poly
 Sat Feb 187:00 pmFlorida Gulf Coast University South Florida Florida Gulf Coast
 Sat Feb 187:00 pmFoley Sports Tourism Dallas Baptist North Florida
 Sat Feb 187:00 pmEast Carolina North Rec Fields Central Florida East Carolina
 Sun Feb 199:00 amFoley Sports Tourism Texas A&M DII Miami
 Sun Feb 199:00 amFoley Sports Tourism Rhode Island Kennesaw State
 Sun Feb 1910:00 amJohnson Hagood Stadium Florida Atlantic Citadel
 Sun Feb 1912:00 pmNC State – Method Road Soccer Field Central Florida NC State
 Sun Feb 1912:30 pmFoley Sports Tourism North Florida East Texas Baptist
 Sun Feb 1912:30 pmFoley Sports Tourism Florida Poly Dallas Baptist
 Sun Feb 193:00 pmFoley Sports Tourism East Texas Baptist Kennesaw State
 Fri Feb 2412:00 pmVanderbilt – Natchez Trace Field Missouri Vanderbilt
 Fri Feb 246:00 pmAlabama Intramural Fields Field #2 Georgia Alabama
 Fri Feb 247:00 pmEast Carolina North Rec Fields South Florida East Carolina
 Fri Feb 247:00 pmAuburn Florida Auburn
 Fri Feb 247:00 pmGeorgia Tech Roe Stamps Field South Carolina Georgia Tech
 Sat Feb 251:00 pmFlorida Polytechnic University North Florida Florida Poly
 Sat Feb 251:00 pmVanderbilt – Natchez Trace Field Kennesaw State Vanderbilt
 Sat Feb 252:00 pmEast Carolina North Rec Fields South Florida Tennessee
 Sat Feb 253:00 pmFlorida Atlantic University University of Tampa Florida Atlantic
 Sat Feb 255:00 pmFlorida State University Miami Georgia Southern
 Sat Feb 257:00 pmSouth Carolina-Bluff Road Practice Fields Utah Valley South Carolina
 Sat Feb 257:30 pmFlorida State University Georgia Southern Florida State
 Sun Feb 2611:00 amFlorida State University Miami Florida State
 Sun Feb 261:00 pmGeorgia Tech Roe Stamps Field Clemson Georgia Tech
 Sun Feb 261:00 pmMississippi State University Alabama Mississippi State
 Sun Feb 261:00 pmVanderbilt – Natchez Trace Field Missouri Kennesaw State
 Sun Feb 264:00 pmFlorida Polytechnic University Florida Gulf Coast Florida Poly


 Fri Mar 037:00 pmUniversity of Tennessee Vanderbilt Tennessee
 Fri Mar 037:00 pmGeorgia Tech Roe Stamps Field Virginia Tech Georgia Tech
 Sat Mar 0410:00 amCentral Florida Miami Central Florida
 Sat Mar 0410:00 amMissouri State University North Dakota State Florida Atlantic
 Sat Mar 042:00 pmPensacola Catholic HS Western Michigan Florida
 Sat Mar 042:00 pmCentral Florida Alabama South Florida
 Sat Mar 043:00 pmGeorgia Southern University Kennesaw State Georgia Southern
 Sat Mar 043:00 pmCal Poly SLO South Carolina Cal Poly
 Sat Mar 043:00 pmFlorida Polytechnic University Miami Florida Poly
 Sat Mar 046:00 pmUniversity of Tennessee Florida State Tennessee
 Sat Mar 048:30 pmMissouri State University Florida Atlantic Missouri State
 Sun Mar 059:00 amMissouri State University Florida Atlantic Dayton
 Sun Mar 0511:00 amCentral Florida Alabama Central Florida
 Sun Mar 0512:00 pmVanderbilt – Natchez Trace Field Florida State Vanderbilt
 Sun Mar 051:00 pmGeorgia Tech Roe Stamps Field California Georgia Tech
 Sun Mar 051:00 pmFlorida Gulf Coast University Miami Florida Gulf Coast
 Sun Mar 051:00 pmPensacola Catholic HS Texas Christian Florida
 Tue Mar 076:00 pmConcordia University South Carolina Concordia
 Thu Mar 097:00 pmVanderbilt – Natchez Trace Field Middle Tennessee State Univ. Vanderbilt
 Thu Mar 097:00 pmChapman Stadium South Carolina Chapman
 Fri Mar 107:00 pmUniversity of South Florida Florida State South Florida
 Fri Mar 107:00 pmUniversity of Florida Colorado State Florida
 Sat Mar 114:00 pmWingate University Georgia Tech Liberty
 Sun Mar 1211:00 amUniversity of Tennessee Central Florida Tennessee
 Sun Mar 121:00 pmFlorida State University Colorado State Florida State
 Fri Mar 171:00 pmFlorida Gulf Coast University Minn.-Duluth Florida Gulf Coast
 Fri Mar 177:00 pmKennesaw State University Georgia Tech Kennesaw State
 Fri Mar 177:00 pmAuburn Wake Forest Auburn
 Fri Mar 177:00 pmGeorgia Club Sports Complex Pittsburgh Georgia
 Sat Mar 181:00 pmGeorgia Club Sports Complex Pittsburgh Florida State
 Sat Mar 182:00 pmFlorida Atlantic University Minn.-Duluth Florida Atlantic
 Sun Mar 1911:00 amAuburn Baylor Auburn
 Sun Mar 191:00 pmGeorgia Club Sports Complex Florida State Georgia
 Sun Mar 191:00 pmKennesaw State University Coastal Carolina Kennesaw State
 Sun Mar 192:00 pmUniversity of Miami Minn.-Duluth Miami
 Sun Mar 197:00 pmSouth Carolina-Bluff Road Practice Fields Virginia Tech South Carolina
 Thu Mar 237:00 pmGeorgia Southern University Buffalo Georgia Southern
 Fri Mar 247:00 pmSouth Carolina-Bluff Road Practice Fields Boston College South Carolina
 Fri Mar 247:00 pmVanderbilt – Natchez Trace Field Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham Vanderbilt
 Fri Mar 248:00 pmFlorida State University Auburn Florida State
 Sat Mar 251:00 pmFlorida State University Auburn Central Florida
 Sat Mar 251:00 pmGeorgia Club Sports Complex James Madison Georgia
 Sat Mar 251:00 pmFlorida Atlantic University Florida Poly Florida Atlantic
 Sat Mar 252:00 pmSouth Carolina-Bluff Road Practice Fields Alabama South Carolina
 Sat Mar 252:00 pmUNC Charlotte Sports Field Florida Gulf Coast Bridgewater State
 Sat Mar 253:00 pmUniversity of North Florida Georgia Southern North Florida
 Sat Mar 257:00 pmUniversity of Florida South Florida Florida
 Sun Mar 2611:00 amUNC Charlotte Sports Field Florida Gulf Coast UNC-Charlotte
 Sun Mar 2612:00 pmUniversity of Florida Colorado Florida
 Sun Mar 262:00 pmSouth Carolina-Bluff Road Practice Fields Vanderbilt South Carolina
 Tue Mar 287:00 pmFlorida State University Colorado Florida State
 Fri Mar 317:00 pmSouth Carolina-Bluff Road Practice Fields Liberty South Carolina
 Fri Mar 317:00 pmAlabama – Hoover Met Complex Vanderbilt Alabama


 Sat Apr 0112:00 pmAuburn Northeastern Auburn
 Sat Apr 011:00 pmGeorgia Club Sports Complex Georgia Tech Georgia
 Sat Apr 013:00 pmCentral Florida Florida Central Florida
 Sat Apr 013:00 pmAuburn South Florida Vanderbilt
 Sat Apr 015:00 pmFlorida Atlantic University Miami Florida Atlantic
 Sat Apr 015:00 pmAlabama Intramural Fields Field #2 LSU Alabama
 Sat Apr 017:00 pmNorth Florida Florida Gulf Coast North Florida
 Sun Apr 0212:00 pmAuburn South Florida Auburn
 Sun Apr 021:00 pmGeorgia Tech Roe Stamps Field Northeastern Georgia Tech
 Sun Apr 022:00 pmGeorgia Southern University Florida Gulf Coast Georgia Southern
 Fri Apr 075:00 pmBYU West Stadium Field Georgia Tech Brigham Young
 Fri Apr 077:00 pmAuburn Alabama Auburn
 Fri Apr 077:00 pmGeorgia Club Sports Complex South Carolina Georgia
 Sat Apr 081:00 pmUtah Valley University Georgia Tech Utah Valley
 Sat Apr 082:00 pmKennesaw State University Appalachian State Kennesaw State
 Sat Apr 084:00 pmGeorgia Club Sports Complex Tennessee Georgia
 Sat Apr 086:00 pmFlorida Gulf Coast University Florida Atlantic Florida Gulf Coast
 Sat Apr 087:00 pmUniversity of Florida Florida State Florida
 Sat Apr 087:00 pmUniversity of South Florida Central Florida South Florida
 Thu Apr 137:00 pmSouth Carolina-Bluff Road Practice Fields Clemson South Carolina
 Sat Apr 152:00 pmKennesaw State University North Florida Kennesaw State