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MCLA/WCLA Weekend Scores – Florida Schools Strong in MCLA Play, FSU Women go 3-0 in Arizona!

the MCLA and WCLA websites


Florida 15-8 over Georgia on Friday

FGCU 15-5 over UNF in Naples on Saturday

USF 11-4 over East Carolina on Saturday

FSU 19-11 over Georgia on Saturday

Florida 17-10 over Texas A&M on Saturday

FAU 8-5 over UNC-Wilmington on Saturday

UCF 13-9 over East Carolina on Sunday

Miami falls 8-7 to UNC-Wilmington on Sunday

FSU 13-10 over Texas A&M on Sunday


Florida State 12-7 over Oregon in Arizona on Friday

Florida State 11-10 over Arizona State on Saturday

Florida State 22-14 over BYU in Arizona on Saturday

Clemson Club 15-5 over Miami on Saturday

Florida Club 17-13 over Clemson Club on Saturday

Florida Club 13-4 over Miami in South Carolina on Saturday

FGCU falls 7-5 to FAU on Saturday

FGCU 14-8 over USF on Saturday