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NFHS 2021-22 Participation Statistics Released – Florida Ranks 7th in Participants.

I came across this online via the site, and the PDF is posted there.

Some of the takeaways from this, as pertains to Florida:

291,594 ‘Participations’ – a 2-sport athlete is counted twice, 3-sport 3x

I was not able to take the time to see how this compares with three years ago (the other two years are not reported due to Covid). Frankly, I was a little disappointed by the numbers. There should be a lot more kids playing a sport. Any sport. I’m hardly the best athlete, but I played Little League, Boy’s Basketball, Volleyball in college and into my 30’s, Golfed since Age 7, Softball in New York City, Soccer as a kid and a whole bunch of informal sports as a kid just to stay active. Put down the video games kids!

I think this is just what is reported at the Varsity level, since I don’t see any Ice Hockey numbers or Gymnastics, nor Field Hockey and the number of schools participating in Lacrosse does not foot to the FHSAA Assignments. I also don’t see the Flag Football numbers we clearly have in Florida.

Nationwide, Girls Lacrosse has now cracked the Top Ten in Participants and Boys Lacrosse looks like it’s #12 when I dug down.

The Raw Data can be noted by looking at the link HERE.

Boys Sports (Sport / Schools / Participants)

Baseball 643 18,269

Basketball 711 19,832

Bowling 194 1,381

Cross Country 620 7,278

Football 11-Player 559 37,898

Golf 528 4,134

Lacrosse 215 7,101

Soccer 649 19,378

Swimming and Diving 461 5,847

Tennis 498 5,000

Track and Field-Outdoor 634 18,249

Volleyball 190 3,463

Wrestling 393 7,434

Girls Sports (Sport / Schools / Participants)

Basketball 664 12,137

Bowling 217 1,500

Competitive Spirit 272 5,248

Cross Country 599 6,397

Football-11 Player No Schools, 137 Participants

Golf 459 2,633

Lacrosse 218 6,103

Soccer 607 17,618

Softball-Fast Pitch 598 11,859

Swimming and Diving 461 6,539

Tennis 499 5,544

Track and Field-Outdoor 641 15,809

Volleyball 694 19,006

Wrestling 228 1,093