Oak Hall 2022 Cade Balogh Commits to Flagler College!

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Congratulations to Cade on his college choice and good luck in the future!

Cade Balogh

Graduation Year

High School
Oak Hall


College Choice
Flagler College

Why did you choose this college?
There are 4 main reasons I chose Flagler:
1. I’ve been fortunate to learn from great coaches and I wanted to make sure that I got the opportunity to continue my lacrosse career under the guidance of a strong coach. I believe Coach Duncan fills this desire perfectly! He has a great deal of experience and I look forward to learning from him over the next 4 years.
2. I’m super excited at the chance to get in at the beginning of a new program. Building something great really appeals to me.
3. I have a passion for the water and all things environmental. The environmental sciences degree at Flagler is a perfect fit for me.
4. Growing up in Gainesville, FL, St. Augustine was like a second home to me. I’m very familiar with the area. Whether if it’s local fishing spots, surf breaks, or good restaurants, I feel right at home.

What Advice Would You Give Those Starting the Recruiting Process?
I spent a considerable amount of time really evaluating what I wanted out of my college experience. It’s easy to just follow the lacrosse, but you need to look at all aspects of the college life. I knew I wanted to major in Environmental Sciences/Marine Biology, be close to the water, and have a small campus. All of these things helped me narrow down my search. I really encourage others to think bigger than just the lacrosse program.

Who Would You Like to Thank for Getting You to Here?
I would thank 4 main people:
1. God – I give all the glory to God for providing me with such rich experiences to learn and grow.
2. Mom – My mom has been with me through my entire lacrosse journey. She has made so many sacrifices and without her, I’d never be where I am.
3. Coach Montes – I started playing lacrosse at 7 years old, and Coach Montes has been right by my side the entire time. He has always believed in my (on and off the field) and pushed me to be my best. I can honestly say I am a better person, not just player, because of his guidance.
4. Teammates – I have gotten the opportunity to be on a team with amazing players. All of them have pushed me to get better and up my game.

What are your first memories of the sport?
When I was on U7, I ran down the field the wrong way and almost scored on my own goalie!

What is Your Favorite Memory From Your High School Career?
I have many great on the field memories, but the best memories are those of the friendships that I’ve made along the way. Nothing bonds you more than your high school team.

What is Your Stick Brand? And Why?
Currently, I’m playing with the Maverick Hyperlite. I’ve played with this stick for as long as I can remember. I like the light weight.

Which Lacrosse Player Do You Most Want to Have a Meal With and Why?
I would like to have a meal with Coach Duncan! I would love to learn more about what motivates him and how I remain on his good side :)

Do You Watch College & Pro Games and What Are You Watching for to Make You a Better Player?
I watch a bunch of film. I’m always looking to see how I can improve. I analyze my play constantly. I’m looking to see what I missed on the backside and how to better my initiation dodge.

What’s Your Go-To Meal After a Game?

What’s the One Thing Your Teammates Would be Surprised to Know About You?
I am ambidextrous!

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