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Oberlin Update: Former IMG HC/Director Kim Russell No Longer Head Coach; Reassigned

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Oberlin College Coach Reassigned Over Stance on Trans Athletes, Says New Role has ‘No Contact With Students’

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Oberlin College women’s lacrosse coach Kim Russell has been removed from her role after her stance against transgender athletes competing in women’s sports flared tensions with school administrators.

“I have been taken out of the role of coach, which is what I’ve done for 27 years,” she told “America’s Newsroom” Tuesday. “I’ve been a P.E. teacher, a coach and a teacher of programs of wellness, yoga, all sorts of things, kickboxing…and [been] asked to take a role as employee wellness program manager, which would have no contact with students and be creating things – which is paperwork.”


As of 7:30am this morning, Kim was still listed as Oberlin’s HC on their website.

I had reached out to Kim yesterday via phone, but did not hear back yet