Pine Crest 2023 Jordan Faison Commits to Notre Dame!

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Congratulations to Jordan on his college commitment and good luck in the future!

Jordan Faison

Graduation Year

High School
Pine Crest School


College Choice
Notre Dame

Why did you choose this college?
When I visited, this college fit me both athletically and academically, and I could just feel it was going to be my next home.

What Advice Would You Give Those Starting the Recruiting Process?
I would say keep a level head and make sure you take in everything that is happening. From the calls to the texts to the visits, keep a level head and give everybody a chance. Biggest thing is getting yourself in front of coaches whether it be film, or playing.

Who Would You Like to Thank for Getting You to Here?
My parents, they did absolutely everything for me and I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

What are your first memories of the sport?
My first memories are first starting the sport when I only thought of it as launching the ball like a catapult down the field. I also remember first starting to carry the ball and cradle and how hard it was.

What is Your Favorite Memory From Your High School Career?
My favorite memory from high school is when my team and I lost in the final seconds against Oxbridge, but responded with winning out the season and winning districts because it taught me how to be gritty and work from your mistakes.

What is Your Stick Brand? And Why?
String King and Evo because I love the deal of their sticks.

Which Lacrosse Player Do You Most Want to Have a Meal With and Why?
Probably Myles Jones because he is such an unstoppable player and I would talk with him about all the work he put in, and what he did to become so unstoppable.

Do You Watch College & Pro Games and What Are You Watching for to Make You a Better Player?
I mainly watch college lacrosse games and watch the offense and the off ball players to better understand offenses.

What’s Your Go-To Meal After a Game?
My meal is definitely a Chipotle burrito bowl.

What’s the One Thing Your Teammates Would be Surprised to Know About You?
That I can actually cook some good meals.

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