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Region 4 Boys 1A District Brackets

What makes this District playoff scene so good is that D13 and D14 are full of bunched rankings, as D15 and D16 are most likely one-bid districts (if NSU-University takes Belen in D15, it’s tight for Belen getting an at-large, while NSU has to win).

Every one of the Top 8 currently are within the Top 27 in the state in FHSAA, and the First Three Out are 25/26/29 (Gulliver at 27 is the assumed D16 winner and 8th seed).

Plenty of reasons to get out to a game!

District 13

2023 FHSAA Boys Lacrosse District Tournament 1A District 13

This District is LOADED. SJP had one of the best under-the-radar seasons in the state and, if memory serves, is seeking their first District title, and are the favorites to do so. A #2 seed is theirs in all likelihood even with a 2nd place finish since #3 Pine Crest has to deal with Saint Andrew’s in their district.

Oxbridge finally appeared in the bracket, at #6 this week, but has to be careful not to overlook their semifinal with AH-Delray, who is only one slot above First Team Out AH-Plantation, so AH-Delray is looking at this as a must-win. King’s Academy is two slots behind AH-Delray (the Gulliver/Westminster Christian winner is likely a one-bid D16, anywhere from #5-#8 depending on results) and can get a good win over Fourth Team Out Cardinal Newman in the 4/5 game before facing SJP in a semifinal.

District 14

2023 FHSAA Boys Lacrosse District Tournament 1A District 14

Another LOADED District and results here certainly will impact seedings and participants. Saint Andrew’s, Pine Crest and Calvary Christian Ft-Laud currently hold the 1,3 and 4 seeds, with AH-Plantation being First Team Out. The semifinals are looking like SA vs AH-P (and that game was an SA blowout in the regular season) and Pine Crest vs CC, the Cypress Creek Road Shoot Out if you want to be cute. CC should be able to hold on to an at-large as long as they get past their quarterfinal. An upset of SA by PC would not likely drop SA from #1. Get out to these games too.

District 15

2023 FHSAA Boys Lacrosse District Tournament 1A District 15

This is likely a one-game district, for a likely one bid. Belen vs NSU-University, with NSU holding the regular season win at home, but having to travel for this one. As mentioned, Belen could still gain an at-large bid with a loss here, but it would be very tight. A shout out to St Brendan for garnering the #3 seed in the District after going 3-11 last year.

District 16

2023 FHSAA Boys Lacrosse District Tournament 1A District 16

Although Gulliver is tightly bunched with other teams, it’s hard to see them gaining an at-large bid if Westminster Christian wins this district, so this is also likely a one-bid district and a must-win final for either school. Coral Shores did not play WC this season, so I can’t comment on if that semifinal matchup is a threat to WC.