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SGR: Gulliver 15-8 over Columbus in a Miami Showdown!

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Scores by Quarter

1st: (3-2 Gulliver)
2nd: (6-5 Gulliver)
3rd: (9-7 Gulliver)
4th: (15-8 Gulliver)

Leading Scorers per Team

Ryan Noyes (4 goals/2 assists)
Kyle Goldberg (3 goals/1 assist)
Alex Jimenez (3 goals)

Daniel Corazon (2 goals/1 assist)
Jacob Angulo (2 goals)
Joey Vilomar (2 goals)

Goalies and Number of Saves

Dominic Veloso (56% with 10 saves)

Andres Chirino (34% with 7 saves)

Noteworthy events during game

This game was special and bittersweet for Gulliver Defense Coach Erik Cartelle, a Columbus alumnus, who played at Columbus and coached there for the past four seasons. He left Columbus this fall to join Jim Piggot’s coaching staff at Gulliver and is the founder of Miami Lacrosse Club.

Gulliver dominated the game, still while only winning 23% of its face-offs. The Gulliver offense while young was the key to the game, their patient play, not forcing the ball and taking smart shots, lead to a 50% shooting percentage. Gulliver went up 3-1 and allowed a goal at the end of the first quarter with 4 seconds left to make the score 3-2. Gulliver responded and went up 6-2 playing solid defense and be patient with the ball. With less than two minutes left in the 2nd quarter, Gulliver allowed three quick ones to make it 6-5 at the half. The game tied 7-7 after a late slide and man down goal allowed by the Gulliver defense, who made 6 out 7 stops man down. The team made the proper adjustments and broke away, with to end the game 15-8.

There was over 350+ people in attendance, a great lacrosse atmosphere and start to what should be an exciting season.

Gulliver faces off at PineCrest on Friday, Feb 18th at 7 PM in what should be an exciting game.