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Six6es Lacrosse for Florida College Alumni

via press release is reaching out to the Florida lacrosse community to gage interest in a new concept that combines the spirit of adult lacrosse for those who are beyond college, the desire to continue to represent their school, even if informally, and being able to give back to their local school communities via the awarding of prize money for their participation in a weekend event.

Six6es runs lacrosse events under the Olympic 6-man format and rules. An easier way to compete as we get older and also a way to publicize this inclusive approach to play.


The Florida Alumni College Lacrosse Championships powered by SI6XES Lacrosse has been created to allow former players to assemble once again, proudly wear their school colors, and compete against rival schools in a fun and friendly atmosphere.  It promises to present a unique opportunity for former teammates to reconnect with both their passion for the sport and the strong bonds they formed during their time in college.

This event requires a team roster of 9 to 12 players only.  The format includes 1-goalie and 5-field players aside.

Contact:  Tim King, 410-967-3444

The link to the questionnaire is here: