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Tampa: #2 Spartans Sail by With Glorious Win

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via Tampa press release/website


TAMPA, Fla. – The No.2 University of Tampa women’s lacrosse team sail past GCU as they add to their season’s success. 


Final: No.2 University of Tampa 22, Georgian Court University 7

Records: Tampa (5-0), GCU (1-2)

Location: Naimoli Family Athletic and Intramural Complex | Tampa, Fla.


First Quarter: The game starts with Tampa winning the opening draw control. From there, Tampa dominates the entire first quarter scoring seven unanswered goals. An early shot on goal by GCU is no good as it was quickly saved by Alex Walling. Tampa’s defense didn’t allow GCU any breathing room and stayed solid on the defensive end to close out the first quarter. The goals for the Spartans were scored as follows:

14:05 – Julia Kolderman, unassisted

12:22 – Gia Colombo, unassisted

10:07 – Sarah Hinkle, unassisted

7:00 – Cece Colombo, unassisted

6:35 – Mekelsey Montgomery, assisted by Gracie Colombo

2:05 – Olivia Mott, unassisted

0:47 – Sarah Hinkle, unassisted

Score: 7-0 (Tampa)

Second Quarter: The second quarter began with Tampa getting to the net early with a goal by Gracie Colombo. GCU finds some momentum and snags one goal on Tampa’s defense. Tampa didn’t let this stop them for long before they responded with another goal by Gracie Colombo. On a broken defensive stand, GCU sneaks another goal putting their second point on the board. Tampa comes back with two goals of their own, before GCU scores again. The second quarter ends with a 12-second goal from Cece Colombo keeping Tampa on top. The Spartan goals headed into halftime were scored as follows:

12:04 – Gracie Colombo, unassisted

8:31 – Gracie Colombo, assisted by Gia Colombo

2:57 – Lizzie Pierpont, assisted by Olivia Mott

2:38 – Gia Colombo, assisted by Olivia Mott

0:12 – Cece Colombo, unassisted

Score: 12-2 (Tampa)

Third Quarter: Tampa jumps out quickly again this quarter with a goal from Allie Peebles. Two more goals from Peebles and Cece Colombo forced GCU to take a timeout. Out of the timeout, Tampa scored three more goals to close out the third quarter. GCU did, however, manage to connect on their fourth goal of the game. The Spartan goals were scored as follows:

14:12 – Allie Peebles, unassisted

11:39 – Allie Peebles, unassisted

10:32 – Cece Colombo, assisted by Olivia Mott

8:56 – Brynn Nestor, unassisted

4:13 – Kayla Brennan, unassisted

0:25 – Gracie Colombo, unassisted

Score: 15-2 (Tampa)

Fourth Quarter: The last quarter started with GCU getting on the board first. Tampa counters with a goal by Sarah HinkleGCU came out with massive intensity as they looked to go for their last push to close out the game. They scored two more goals to put them at seven for the night. Tampa scores three more goals to finish them at 22 on the night. The Spartan goals for the fourth quarter were scored as follows:

13:00 – Sarah Hinkle, unassisted

11:00 – Allie Peebles, unassisted

8:10 – Abby Selhorn, unassisted

1:09 – Brynn Nestor, assisted by Georgia Glowaki

Final: 22-7 (Tampa)



  • Tampa outshot GCU 44-19
  • Tampa won more draw controls, 25-7
  • Both teams caused the same number of turnovers, 11
  • This is the first matchup between these two teams meaning Tampa is up in the series, 1-0

UP NEXT: The Spartans head on the road to take on #7 Indianapolis on March 4 at 11:00 a.m.