Olympic Heights Lacrosse – Why Is This The Only Major Boca Raton High School Without The Sport? Part One


As I look around the rapid growth of our favorite sport I’m struck by the fact that in Boca Raton, my hometown, there is ONE glaring hole . . . why is Olympic Heights not fielding a team?

Two years ago they announced a Boys’ team led by Chris Andrea:

Remember this?




Pretty sweet helmet design, right?

Equipment was donated and money raised.

What happened to that equipment and money?  Seems like an accounting needs to occur and quickly.


So, I ask the question of ALL Olympic Heights students and parents . . .

Are students interested in playing the sport or not?  The FASTEST growing sport in America is offered all over Boca Raton . . . but not here.

Please contact us at Lee@FloridaLacrosseNews.com to let us know if you are interested in playing!


Former Head Coach/Temporary Head Coach whatever we call it:



Chris had a pretty darn good resume, having played Division 1 lacrosse at Fairfield and Robert Morris!  A darn good fit to build a program on.  A shame he never got a real shot.


But MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you are a Boy or Girl who has interest in playing lacrosse at the school, please contact me!