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Site Update: Catching Up! And Some Explanations of Our Submit Buttons and Press Release Formats!

  Many of you might have noticed that when we moved our server host we lost some of the articles we posted before the move, particularly the Recruit interviews.  Be patient, we are catching up on those that dropped, so if yours is one, we are repeating the posting over the week!  And if you did see it drop and don’t see us re-posting by the end of the week, please resubmit it, our apologies! This would be a good time to remind the kids that we look forward to giving EVERY ONE of you that coverage you hard work deserves!  For those who are not familiar with it, we have some Facebook-like features on our site . . . no, we don’t sell your data to anyone . . . not that anyone would pay for it anyhow . . . but we do have some ways you can let us know what is going on in the community. Our most popular one is Submit Recruit Commitment.  Click on the button on the tool bar and a questionnaire pops up for you to fill out.  Keep in mind that part of this is to help those kids who are not committed yet to learn as much about the process you went through as you can help them with.  When you upload pictures keep in mind that sharpness is important in an action shot.  Please do not submit anything to us that measures more than 8MB in size and if you keep it to 1MB that makes it really easy to work with.  Also try to make it a landscape type picture, longer than tall.  Much better looking on the site, phone, etc. Submit Game Recap can be used by coaches and associated school members to report to us a game recap.  Please keep in mind that TWO teams are playing so we can’t use it if it is totally one-sided.  The items asked are easy to see and please upload a few pictures too!  This is an easy way to make sure your school gets more coverage, as I have not figured out a way to cover nearly 400 Boys and Girls teams playing games, even if Star Trek beaming capability comes to fruition. Report Media Coverage was used more and more last season and provided some great content!  You can use this to let us know about a lacrosse-linked article in a local newspaper or even a college player from Florida playing out of state, as well as notifying us of a local TV station that had a lacrosse segment on the news.  Just fill out the brief form so I can set up excerpt articles that link to the original.  Let us know! Submit Video Clip is used to report a YouTube video you think we would be interested in.  But please, no individual player highlight videos!  We have probably 10,000+ high school players in the state and we can’t handle the recruiting videos!  Use this for a video you think might be of interest to the readers . . . Instructional videos for kids, rules videos, maybe even a college highlight from a former Florida high school kid.  Maybe a pump up video but remember if it contains language I can’t use with little kids, IT’S NOT GETTING BY ME or published!   PRESS RELEASES One last thing for those who are holding events: We publish for free ANY original announcement of the event via a press release.  To get it published it must be submitted to us in Word Document format to and has a few pictures attached.  You can submit the Flyer in PDF format so I can also link to it.  Please write it in the 3rd person format, and keep it to FACTS.  If you decide you want to advertise we will get back to you on that.  Payment can be made in multiple ways, which we will discuss with you.