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This Felt Different: How (Pine Crest Junior) Nigel Vital Made His Family Proud

via USA Lacrosse Magazine

Wed, Dec 29 2021 | Nigel Vital | USA Insider


The historic Brogden Cup, which originated in 1988 with competition between top players from Canada and the U.S., has evolved in recent years to bring together top high school players as part of the Fall Classic and this year included teams from the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

The USA Select U16 and U18 boys’ and girls’ teams went undefeated Oct. 16-17. More than 1,600 players participated in tryouts for the USA Select teams, with 88 ultimately representing the country.

We asked U16 player Nigel Vital to journal about his experiences.

Playing in the Brogden Cupas member of the USA Select U16 boys’ team was one of the most memorable and fulfilling experiences in my relatively young life. It was a cool feeling picking up my USA gear at the hotel the Friday before competition, trying it on in my room and ultimately wearing it the next day to compete against the Canadian and [Haudenosaunee Confederacy] teams.

To be certain, I have competed with my SweetLax and Pine Crest (Fla.) teams in other high-profile events, but this felt different. The difference was having the USA jersey on and representing our country. I felt a sense of gratitude and excitement running out to the field with my boys getting ready to compete.

I also felt a sense of excitement for our families. As I looked in the stands, I could not help but wonder what my parents, Haitian and St. Lucian immigrants, were thinking about me, their son, representing our country, the USA, in a sporting event.

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