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What Might Have Been – Region 2 Girls – Part Four of Eight!

Let’s have a little fun and see what we might have been looking at for the playoffs under the following scenario:

Just like now, the four district winners are seeded 1-4 (each district now has about 13 teams in it).

The FHSAA rankings, as of the 4/5/22 release, are used to choose 12 more at-large teams, so each region is 16 teams, to mimic the two classes with 8 teams each like now.

No limit on how many teams can come from a district.

This is a blend of 1A and 2A within one district, just like the pre-class separation period.

It’s all for fun, but it would have been nice to experience this before the classes were separated so we could see how it would work.

The district number is in parentheses and is based on the CURRENT district assignments, not pre-class separation.

Girls Region 2

#1 Vero Beach (8) vs. #16 Winter Park (5)

#2 Lake Highland Prep (7) vs. #15 First Academy (5)

#3 Hagerty (5) vs. #14 West Orange (6)

#4 Lake Minneola (6) vs. Edgewood (8)

#5 Bishop Moore (7) vs. #12 Lake Wales (60

#6 Viera (8) vs. #11 Satellite (8)

#7 Windermere (6) vs. #10 East Ridge (10)

#8 Celebration (7) vs. #9 Boone (5)

First Four Out:

Evans (6)

All Saints Academy (6)

Holy Trinity Episcopal (8)

Sebastian River (8)


District 5 – 3 Schools – Hagerty, Boone, Winter Park

District 6 – 5 Schools – Lake Minneola, Windermere, East Ridge, Lake Wales, West Orange

District 7 – 4 Schools – Lake Highland, Bishop Moore, Celebration, First Academy

District 8 – 4 Schools – Vero Beach, Viera, Satellite, Edgewood

Aome fun here! A Vero-LHP regional final would be great, as would Hagerty in the mix. And a LOT of new names making their bracket debut!