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3rd Annual FLN Bracket Challenge! Join In The Fun!

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  We have attached the PDF format of the FHSAA brackets and are running another bracket challenge for the playoffs! Print out the PDF, fill it in, including your name and email and fax it in to 561-416-1014. We will accept up to 100 entries for scoring so don’t wait too long!  The games are all slated for 7:00pm on Friday the 15th but I know of at least one game where it might be moved to Thursday . . . if that does not happen the deadline will be Friday at 4:00pm.  If the game is moved to Thursday the deadline will be Thursday at 5:00pm.   (Update:  The STA-Stoneman game is now set for 5:00pm Friday so the 4:00pm Friday deadline is now official unless another change occurs)  

FHSAA Lacrosse 2016 Bracket

  Second Prize will be a promise from Senior Writer Lee Roggenburg that he will email you a scanned, autographed 4×6 index card.  Actually signed!  Not a stamped signature. First Prize is that Lee will not send you one . . .   Actually, let’s make a deal!  If we receive 50 or more entrants we will give the winner an actual Florida Lacrosse News short-sleeve polo shirt!  They actually exist as those few who have seen me in one can attest.  Black with the neon green FLN logo and name!  Pretty spiffy!  Gets you in to the hottest night clubs without standing in line . . . No need to read the fine print.  There is none.  At least none that  I could think of as I write this . . . Also, please note: Scoring: First Round is 1 point Second Round is 2 points Quarters are 4 points Semis are 5 points Final is 7 points. A slight change this year to give the quarters a little more emphasis. No particular reason . . . just random   Good luck to all!