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An open letter from the Friends of Brevard Lacrosse

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .

Parents, players, volunteers and friends of lacrosse,


All of you have been valuable partners in developing lacrosse in your areas and have witnessed the enjoyment  expressed by your sons or daughters when they take the field. You see them maximizing their potential and the role lacrosse has played in their successes on and off the field. Many of us started our lacrosse experiences in the youth programs. We saw the children get better every year and the programs mature and develop. Currently there are over 1,000 players participating in youth and high school teams across Brevard County.  Sadly, we are now at a point where the future of lacrosse in our County is uncertain. 


As you are aware, lacrosse has been played as a club sport at five area public high schools in Brevard County. The teams played in the SFIA League with the intention of transitioning the member club teams into the FHSAA as officially sanctioned varsity sport. Pressure from the FHSAA forced this move much faster than we anticipated and as a result, the SFIA has ceased its existence. Simply put, there is no longer a league available for our clubs to participate in.


To have viable and meaningful lacrosse programs County wide, the younger athletes must be able to aspire to playing lacrosse at their future high school. Currently, this is not an option as the schools have not been permitted to sanction the sport under the FHSAA regulations. Friends of Brevard Lacrosse (FBL) is working hard to partner with the school district in an effort to find a way to keep lacrosse at the existing schools and expand the sport throughout Brevard County.


FBL’s work to save lacrosse started a few short months ago. The five participating schools have joined forces and formed FBL as a non-profit 501(c)(3). The organization’s mission is simple; to insure the long term success of lacrosse as an FHSAA sanctioned varsity boys and girls sport throughout the Brevard County schools. The principle concern when starting any new activity is cost and gender equity. FBL is working very hard to make sure each team is completely self-funded and that all participating schools are able to offer lacrosse to both boys and girls. FBL will also work diligently to ensure that each team is compliant with FHSAA rules and all coaches are registered and trained by US Lacrosse. In short, we asking for no tax dollars, acknowledge and support gender equality, and will strive to make sure the program is in the best interest of all of the student athletes.


While most of the ground work has been laid by FBL representatives, there still remains a considerable effort needed to insure we reach our goals. Each of the Board members and the Superintendent were briefed on our proposal and, for the most part, were reasonable and appreciated our efforts.  Although no commitment made by any of the members, they did agree to hear our plan at the July 19th Board meeting.


This is where FBL needs your help. We are asking all of you, parents and players, to mark your calendars and plan to attend the July 19 board meeting to show your support for lacrosse in Brevard County.  Student athletes are encouraged to wear their jersey’s or school lacrosse t-shirts.  Coach Lorusso will arrive at 4:30 PM and have jersey’s for all current and former Viera HS players in attendance.  The meeting will be held at the Brevard County School Board Building in Viera starting at 5:30 PM.  Plan to come early and express your desire to save lacrosse in Brevard County.  We are hoping for 100% participation.  Make this a family and team event and let’s show the Board members and the media just how strong support for lacrosse is throughout Brevard County!!!  Also, prior to the meeting, please take a moment to e-mail and or call the school board members asking for their support in saving lacrosse. Your messages should be clear and concise and united with the FBL goal of providing a self funded, gender equal program. The school board will only help us if we are unified in showing that FBL is committed to providing clear and viable solutions to their concerns.


Our message is a positive one and should be reflected as such in your communications. Express how much lacrosse means to you and your family and your support of our self-funded plan. Together we can insure the long term success of our sport throughout Brevard County!!!  All of the members of FBL look forward to seeing you on July 19th.


The website for the school board is: 

The website list all school board members and lists the schools and areas they represent. I suggest you contact each one of the members in any correspondence, not just your representative.  We need to send our message to everyone.


Dr. Michael Krupp

321-264-3134/321-633-1000, ext. 412

FAX: 321-264-3134


Dr. Barbara A. Murray



FAX: 321-454-2018


Amy Kneessy

Vice Chairman

321-779-5034/321-633-1000 ext. 412

FAX: 321-779-5034


Karen Henderson

321-631-5905/321-633-1000 ext. 412

FAX: 321-631-5905


Andy Ziegler

321-821-0510/321-633-1000, ext. 412

FAX: 321-676-1427



On behalf of the Friends of Brevard Lacrosse, Inc, Thank you.