Barron Collier Rolls to District 28 Championship

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After the heavy downpour finished, the Barron Collier and Community School Boys lacrosse teams got going quickly. So did the outcome. Barron Collier upended the Seahawks, 19-1, at Cougar Stadium to win the District 28 championship on Thursday night. Their 5th straight. The game was reminiscent of the 1st meeting, where the Cougars had stream rolled the young Seahawks, 19-2. It was all BC from the start. The # 2 ranked team in the state had a 12-goal first half led by their core players, as the game had little suspense. Jake Telitz (15’) buried a team-high four goals, while Michael O’Dea (14’) scored three and added two assists for the Cougars. Matt Hobden (14’), Austin Miller (15’), Omar Bishr (15’), and Pat Mahoney (17’) each had two scores a piece, as the Cougars. Beckett Haglund, Drew Goodrich, Jack Gray and Greg Bello also contributed goals for Barron Collier. Haglund recorded two assists as well. The Cougars rested the starters early. The Cougars (16-1), who advance to the regional round with the victory, will play at Gulf Coast in a first-round play-in game Tuesday.