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Bracket Challenge . . . We Have A Winner

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
  Now that the season has ended time to announce the results of our Bracket Challenge. And as you might expect, the only entrant to correctly pick the St. Thomas Aquinas Raiders to win it all has won the Bracket Challenge! And not only did he get the correct winner he also got the entire semifinals and finals correct too!   So without further ado . . . congratulations to:   Shanahan StB Head Shot_opt (1) Yep, the former assistant at STA. Most have been some inside info.   Doug was able to record an incredible 58 points out of a possible 65! We were grading on the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 scale for a correct pick in the 5 rounds. He went 13 for 16 in the first round, 6 for 8 in the second round, 4 for 4 in the third and the correct last three games. Not bad! And Doug’s prize is just as noted before . . . I WILL NOT be bothering him about sending him an 8 x 10 autographed picture of me! But if we do go ahead with FLN swag (the coffee mug is currently being discussed) then we will send Doug one!   As for the rest . . .   Second Place goes to Josh Gracia with 52 points . . . and if Ponte Vedra had won he would have easily won the contest and exceeded Doug’s total! Interim leader John Prizer finished third with 44 points as he was handicapped by his prediction of Saint Andrew’s going to the finals . . . against . . .   Honorable Mention goes to Kirk Faryniasz and David Ott with 43 points! And we had seven participants who earned between 40 and 42 points so getting those last few slots right was a big deal.   I thank all of you who participated and we look forward to next season!  Maybe we can even add the Girls’ bracket if the demand is there for it!