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Breaking Down the Brackets

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
Now that we know where the state championship will be held we just have to find out who will be playing.  Of course, the best way to figure it out is to wait until Friday May 4th and see what four teams are left.  But who wants to wait that long? With over a month left before the regular season starts the best thing to do is break it down by the brackets. When trying to predict the final four for the 2012 FHSAA boy’s lacrosse season it doesn’t do any good to just rank the top teams – you have to take a look at the brackets.  The brackets are laid out in four different sections.  Although FHSAA doesn’t name them, you might call them North, Central, Southeast, and a kind of odd shaped South-Central/Gulf Coast thing.  One thing is going to change this year.  There have been four FHSAA recognized state championship tournaments.  There are three teams that have made the final four every year; Saint Andrews, Lake Brantley, and Lake Highland Prep.  That will not continue.  Lake Brantley and Lake Highland will meet in the second round, assuming they both make it that far. So we are guaranteed at least one new team in the final fours this season. Take a look at the four regions North – Districts 1-7 Central – Districts 8-14 South Central – Districts 15-22 Southeast – Districts 22-30