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Brine, Gatorade and presents – The 2011 National All Star Lacrosse Academy for Middle School Boys and Girls.

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The National All Star Lacrosse Academy and National Lacrosse Classic offers middle school student athletes with an opportunity to test their playing skills and capability in a structured, unbiased format, conducted by local lacrosse coaches. The event begins with a regional tryout process that has been legitimized by the success of our high school underclassmen event better known as the Adidas National Lacrosse Classic. National All-Star Lacrosse Highlights Players in grades 8, 7 and 6 are now eligible to register and participate in an upcoming regional team tryout.  25 of the top middle school players from each regional tryout will be selected to represent their region this summer at the Brine National All-Star Lacrosse Academy in Maryland. The Brine National All-Star Lacrosse Academy features:  1.      Regional teams will be coached by NCAA collegiate assistant coaches at the National Games 2.      Regional teams will compete for a National Championship to determine the top region in the country  3.      Daily National All Star Lacrosse Academy curriculum geared for athletic training plus skills and mental development. Individual position training and break-out sessions presented by NCAA lacrosse coaches, post collegiate players, experts and professions in their field of work. A true family event and best way to better prepare for the future! Upon enrollment, each player will receive the following items at the tryout:  1.       Lacrosse promotional item valued at $15 2.       3 hours of individual position competition drills and game scrimmages  3.      Opportunity for selection to the regional team with invitation to attend the National All-Star Lacrosse Academy at the Brine National Lacrosse Classic July 1-4, 2010 in Maryland 4.   52 Weeks “Quick Tips” from Victory Collegiate Consulting. Informative academic and athletic information to help better prepare for the high school level 5.       2 Week Trial Membership to CollegeRecruiting.TV 6.      4 Week Lacrosse Training eBook offered by Devoe Human Performance offers insights on specific lacrosse training for middle school players (featured expert in U.S. Lacrosse Magazine and Speaker at the U.S. Lacrosse National Convention) Player registration only $87  Online Registration & Details<>