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Central Florida Senior All-Star Game Provides One Last Look at a Great Class – All Americans Introduced

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The weather cooperated and Timber Creek High School provided a top shelf playing surface for the Central Florida Senior All Star game. [album: SAG/] Players, families, and fans were treated to some high level play and an old fashioned good time.  One thing we learned from the game is that FSU is getting a pretty darn good group of Central Florida lacrosse players next year.  Eight future FSU players participated in the game scoring eight goals and two assists.  Although the first half of the game was a little lopsided everyone finished well and we witnessed a good competitive game down the stretch. There were 19 players headed to NCAA programs including four D-1 players and two D-1 football players who played in the game.     Five of our six area All Americans played in the game.  Andrew Bonnie, Casey Irish, Devin Lewis, Cole Lindquist, and Billy Roll.  Tim Gehlbach did not play because he is a junior.  Our three Academic All Americans played in the game.  Matt Kreckici, Clay Phillips, and Greg Strobl.  The Central Florida Coach of the Year, Mark Ayad worked the sidelines along with FHSAA Champion Chris Spaulding, David Oliver (TFA) and Mike Von Kameckie (Trinity Prep.)    Assistant Coach of the Year, Lake Highland’s Jeff VanderMeullen, was introduced at half time.’s founder and Central Florida Man of the Year, Brian Davis, attempted to work the clock, keep the score, tweet the game, and spot for the announcer.  He proved poor at all four jobs and we think he may have even been booed once.  Deservedly. Peter Werner of Promo Only came out and did an incredible job of video in HD for everyone.  That video is available at no charge. Central Florida Senior All Star Game 5/21/13 from Pete Werner on Vimeo.   Five of our area officials donated their time last night to help make this game a success.  Denny Kurir did a great job announcing the game and Greg Meyers, Luc Lebreche, Stephen Luxion, and Bill Lowney did a great job on the field and let the guys play while keeping everyone safe.  Nobody got hurt and everyone had a great time. The players; Blue Team
2 LBHS Matt Layden A
1 Timber Creek Justin Dionne M
3 Winter Springs Jesse Duczeminsky G
4 Olympia Kevin Cummins D
5 Hagerty Dominick Galuzzo D
6 East River Robert Emerson D
7 LHP Jackson Bowen D
8 Freedom Greg Miles LSM
9 WPHS Hunter Chadwick D
10 BMC Ricky Williamson G
11 Lake Mary Carter Gile A
12 BMC Jack Tangeman M
15 Lake Nona Matt Friedel M
16 Apopka Trey Hendrickson D
17 WPHS Ty Price A
18 Hagerty Andrew Bonnie A
19 Oviedo Greg Strobl M
20 TFA Jacob Thomas M
21 Oviedo Adam Bial A
22 Timber Creek Scott Turner A
23 Lake Nona Austin Howard M/A
24 LHP Clay Phillips A
25 East Ridge TK Shaffer M
26 LHP Billy Roll A
27 Ocoee Thomas Bell M
28 LBHS Ausin Sopp M
29 Oviedo Shane Leabu D
63 West Orange Josh Neu A
  Red Team
31 Freedom Zakary Johnson A
30 Seminole David Agamasu D
32 BMC Zac Schummer D
33 TFA Micah Larson D
34 Hagerty Frank Cullen D
35 University Keith McDavid M
36 Hagerty Erik Marshall A
37 Lake Howell Keegan Carrier M
38 Boone Brooks Onderick M
39 Dr. Phillips Brett Forward A
40 Hagerty Austin Lenick M
41 Olympia Greg Ferone A
42 Trinity Prep Luke Macchia A
43 Timber Creek Caleb Portanova A
44 Winter Springs Stefan Yocum A
45 West Orange Nick Jones M
46 LBHS Sam Rock M
47 LBHS Caleb Ross LSM
48 Lyman John Byrne A
49 WPHS Matt Kreckici A
50 WPHS Parker Snure M
51 Timber Creek Kurt Brothers G
52 West Orange Nick Graham G
53 Boone Alan Kominowski D
54 LHP Casey Irish D
55 LHP Devon Lewis M
56 Dr. Phillips Kevin Hoppey D
57 Lake Mary Cole Lindquist A
58 Seminole Jacob Ormerod G
59 Apopka Garrett Spek M
The feature photo at the top of the page was provided by Marc Neu.  All photos in the slide viewer were provided by Renee Friedel.