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Chazz Woodson joins the team with new Blog!

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Chazz Woodson is, without a doubt, one of the good guys in our sport.  We are very fortunate to provide a home for Chazz to share some of his positive messages in his blog.  Please feel free to log in and share your thoughts with Chazz or comment on his posts.  Welcome to IFL, Chazz!

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Happy September 1st!  Some people are getting paid today.  Some people are paying bills today.  Some have the good fortune of both.  And for some, it’s just Thursday.  Regardless of your situation, I hope that today finds you in great health and spirits! This is blog #1 for me on  I’m excited about the opportunity to share the rumblings of my head with you all.  Unfortunately, I’m unable to tell you what to expect from me each time.  But I will do my very best to make it interesting, or thought provoking at the very least.  I won’t promise that You’ll like everything that I have to say, but I think that if you’re willing to read with an open mind, those less than agreeable moments will at least be worth the read.  Somewhere along the line, I gave up on wanting to be agreeable, or peaceable.  The fact of the matter is, you’re not going to please everyone, you’re not going to agree with everyone, nor is there any need to.  One of the keys to personal growth is to learn to walk the fine line between being firm in your beliefs, but open to others’ beliefs and convictions as well.  That’s how you learn.  If you’re never willing to understand why others feel, think, act, see things the way they do (especially when it’s different from how you feel), you are never going to grow.  And ignorance is not always bliss.  So hopefully, from time to time, I will present ideas that conflict with what you think.  In that same rite, I’m always open to hearing other people’s commentary on what I say!  Doesn’t mean you’ll change my mind, but I’m always willing to listen and try to understand your perspective. A little about me.  I grew up in Virginia, Norfolk to be exact …. Shout out to the 757, the TCIS, Norfolk Academy.  I moved, at age 18, with my family to St. George, VA, just outside of Charlottesville, VA … Shout out to the Barons of the Blue Ridge School.  I was blessed enough to earn a degree from Brown University (Brown State, 2012 … let’s GO!).  I’ve been blessed enough to spend the last 7 summers playing lacrosse professionally, and I’m at the beginning of my 6th scholastic year coaching basketball and lacrosse in Miami, FL at the Ransom Everglades School (Go, Blades!).  Additionally, I am still creating Chazz Woodson Initiatives, LLC, which is the fusion of my passion for athletics, community service, and mentoring.  The very next step in the evolution of my company is my “Street Team”.  I’ll touch more on that another time.  Another piece of CWI, is Humble Swagger, a concept that has been in development for nearly 3 years.  You can see the basis of it by visiting the Humble Swagger site.  Again, I’ll touch more on that later as well, but I suggest picking up a shirt or two!  I’m also a co-founder of Dade Lacrosse, Inc., and a development officer for the Thailand Lacrosse Association.  Lastly, each summer I run the Chazz Woodson Lacrosse Camp, and usually a handful of clinics throughout the year as well.  On the slate already for the fall are Kansas City and South Carolina, as well as speaking engagements in Hampton, VA, and Pittsburgh, PA.  So I manage to keep myself pretty busy. With that, I will touch base with you sooner than later.  My Twitter name is @ChazzWoodson.  On Facebook, you can catch me at  This is the “Fan Page” but I’m at capacity on the regular profile page, and currently I post everything to both.  Soon I will only post to the Fan Page.  Let’s get those Chazz Woodson Fan Page “Likes” up!  Lastly, you can always check out my personal website,  From there I also send out a Words of Wisdom email, Monday through Friday.  All you have to do to be added to the list is go to the contact page, enter your name and email address, and in the body of the message simply type WoW or Words of Wisdom. Oh and PS … I keep hearing this rumor that I am playing in the NALL this year with the Jacksonville squad!  Not sure what to make of that.  I guess anything is possible, huh??  Think I should play?