District Previews and Our Best Guess Predictions for Districts 1-8

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FLN has spent hours compiling notes, comments, records, rankings, injury updates and more to try to shed some light on this year’s play-off picture on the road to IMG.  Knowing there will be upsets (just ask Duke’s basketball team), we are going to give it a go.  As always, your comments and mail are appreciated, just as long as they go to lee@floridalacrossenews.com.  Finally, double-check the dates (and times) locally as the FHSAA does not have all up to date information.

Here goes:

District 1 at Chiles 4/15 and 4/17

Favorite:  Maclay

Contender:  Lawton Chiles

Prediction:  Maclay has gone undefeated in the district and will move on.

District 2 at Oak Hall 4/16 and 4/18

Favorite:  Oak Hall

Contenders:  Buchholz and Eastside

Prediction:  We’ve liked Oak Hall all year and see no reason to change now.

District 3 at Paxon 4/15 and 4/17

Favorite:  Episcopal


Stanton Prep and and Paxon

Prediction:  Episcopal on to the round of 32

District 4 at Providence  4/15 and 4/17

Favorite:  Providence

Contender:  Fletcher

Prediction:  While we like Fletcher, we have to go with Providence.

District 5 at Mandarin 4/14 and 4/16

Favorite:  Bolles

Contender:  Fleming Island

Prediction:  Fleming Island in an upset

District 6 at Bartram Trail 4/15 and 4/17

Favorite:  Ponte Vedra

Contenders:  Bartram Trail, Creekside and Nease

Prediction:  Ponte Vedra with ease.  Expect to see the Sharks in the Final Four

District 7 at Matanzas 4/16 and 4/18

Favorite:  None

Contenders:  Matanzas, St. Augustine, Menendez and Flagler Palm Coast

Prediction:  Home field advantage sends Matanzas ahead

District 8 at Winter Springs 4/15 and 4/16 (check those dates)

Favorite:  Lake Mary

Contender:  Seminole

Prediction:  This could go either way.  Both Lake Mary and Seminole are finishing strong and they played a 9-8 regular season game won by Lake Mary.  If we have to pick one, we’ll go with Lake Mary