Team Manager Extraordinaire – Meet Austin Reynolds of Boca Raton High School

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Austin was born in Connecticut, spent his early years in Los Angeles and has resided in Boca Raton, FL. since Kindergarten. He is very social, has amazing friends and loves sports.

Austin was born with achondroplasia, a type of dwarfism. Although of short stature, Austin had a great childhood and participated in sports. He did not let his physical difference define him.  He played SABR soccer, UPWARD basketball and team sports throughout middle school. He also loves going to sporting events, playing sports video games and is an ESPN addict.

In his freshman year of High School, Austin suffered a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed.

Life changed dramatically. Austin underwent numerous corrective surgeries and has missed a lot of school to try and regain his mobility. He has spent the last few years working hard in physical therapy to strength train and learning to adapt.

These were challenging times . . . but throughout this experience Austin has remained positive and never gives up. He is convinced he will walk again one day and until then is committed to living life large and happy.

In his senior year of high school he joined the Lacrosse team as the team manager, a true blessing to him and his family.

A last thought; life is what you make of it. Even though unfortunate events happen, Austin is a shining example to live your life to the fullest, and follow your dreams. Break barriers and believe in the impossible. Often times our biggest obstacles are ourselves. Austin is an inspiration to us to push harder and be the best you can be.

He is going to Florida State University and wants to be a sports agent.

It’s incredible to watch the BRCHS lax players with Austin both on the field, at school and socially. Neither Austin nor his friends seem to notice that Austin has a physical disability. The entire Boca Raton lacrosse family; the parents, teachers and lacrosse team members take great pride in having Austin on our team. He is an inspiration, motivator, at times a clown and instigator. But all in all, Austin is seen as a teammate and terrific friend to all of us at Boca High and the BRCHS lacrosse family.


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Austin’s Boca High teammates contributed their feelings too:


Jordan Aman – BRCHS senior, lacrosse captain, defenseman, friend with Austin since grade school at Spanish River Christian. 

“I’ve known Austin my whole life and I’ve seen and been with him for everything he has gone through. He’s one of the strongest kids I will ever know and also has the biggest heart. I have no doubt in my mind that anyone else I have ever met would not be able to go through what he has and that’s why he’s so special. He will always be one of my best friend’s no matter what happens.”


From Brad Singer – senior BRCHS, midfielder lacrosse, friend with Austin throughout High School

“I couldn’t be more proud and thankful of one of my best friends for helping us out throughout this year. Our team has come a long way and we owe a lot of it to Austin.”


From Harrison Rodormer, senior lacrosse captain, defenseman, committed to JU for football

“Austin and I have been best friends since kindergarten. I’ve experienced countless memories with him. He’s always been a doer. When he puts his mind to something he’ll make it happen. The reason he’s our teammate and team manager is because he has countless friends on the team and we all told him to come out and be a part of our lacrosse family. He’s been an inspiration to us and always brightens are practices.”


From Parker Giarratana, Junior Attackman

“Austin is one of the nicest kids you will ever meet; a great teammate and a good friend. He makes everything better when we are losing or having a bad day.  He motivates me and the rest of the team by example to never give up and try our best”.


From Kyle Frey, Senior Midfielder

“Austin is a constant inspiration to me and all of the people around him to work hard every day and attempt to accomplish every one of your dreams. The physical and emotional issues he goes through every day should be a lesson to everyone not to complain about how bad you think your life is, when you can actually walk in to a field and participate in a sport instead of being on the sidelines cheering your team on.”


Chris Holly, Head Coach Boca Raton High School

We have been extremely lucky to have had Austin for the past year as part of the Boca High Lacrosse program. Austin’s positive attitude and determination is an inspiration for both the players and coaches. Austin’s diligence with the behind the scene workings of the lacrosse program keeps things running smoothly. His presence on the sidelines will be greatly missed.”


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We at FLN wish Austin all the best when he goes to college next near.  The FSU team might well need a new team member too!