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Get to know JU’s Bobby Stockton #24

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
Our Friends at Team Florida took the opportunity to sit down with former Team Florida and current Jacksonville University star Bobby Stockton.  Don’t forget to register for Team Florida today. TF: What team(s) did you play on with Team Florida? BS: When Team Florida started their program, I played on their first two teams. The coaches were very encouraging and motivating. They all wanted to see you succeed and play lacrosse at the highest level possible. TF: Where are you now and how has your lacrosse career changed since your days with Team Florida? BS: I am a senior midfielder and currently play for Jacksonville University after transferring from UMBC. My days with Team Florida were great. It was a privilege to be one of the very few lacrosse players to represent Florida. College lacrosse is something you have to be ready for because things do not always go the way you expect. Hard work and practice is always necessary and is something that you must strive for every day. TF: How did Team Florida help you with your lacrosse career? Do you have any advice for players on how to make it through the crazy recruiting process? BS: Team Florida’s program helped me improve my skills and introduced me to a variety of levels in competition. Team Florida a great program as it allows kids to play competitive teams from around the country. It is a platform that provides the opportunity to display talent and ability in front of many recruiting coaches. In the recruiting process it is very important to be respectful because the first impression is highly important to college coaches. It is not something you should lose sleep over. Just be yourself, but well mannered. Your coach will be like your boss. He’s the one that will determine whether you step foot on the field or not, so respect him. Also when the coach is feeling you out, feel the coach out as well. Make sure he’s someone you can play for or you could end up miserable. (It is a big decision so take time to think it through) TF: What inspires you to go out and do what you do every day? BS: As long as I’ve played sports, I have been inspired to be the best and to be a good role model for the younger generations. The first time I picked up my lax stick, I knew I had found my sport. Every day I would try to do something to improve myself. I always keep this thought in my mind- If I’m not working hard, someone else will be. That motivates me to get better. However the most important thing is to play hard and have fun because if you don’t have passion for something, then it’s not worth all the stress. TF: What has been the proudest moment of your lacrosse career? BS: It’s hard to pick out just one memorable moment. Lacrosse has given me so many great memories and opportunities. I would say that being selected as one of the first (if not the very first) Florida lacrosse athletes to go to a top-15 D1 University is one of my most memorable moments. I am also proud of the many awards and accomplishments I’ve received. I hope that my hard work has somehow helped to put Florida lacrosse on the map. TF: What are your plans for the future? BS: In the future, I plan on always being connected with lacrosse whether it’s through playing or teaching kids. I have had the opportunity to meet many respected and dedicated members of the Lacrosse community during my career as a player. I will always be a part of the growing lacrosse family. As for now, we will see where it takes me after I finish my last NCAA year at JU. Tryouts for Team Florida will be held at the Team Florida Elite Showcase & Team Florida Academy, May 14 & 15, 2011 in Jupiter, FL. Play with the best student athletes in the state and get some good looks from the 45 College coaches who will be scouting players from the sidelines. We are almost sold out! Register today.