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Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in . sat down with three great young men who have come up through the ranks here in our great state to reach the D1 level.  Tanner Gard, Tyler Black, and Max Bush are all playing for the J.U. Dolphins and took a little time out to speak with us after they played five tough quarters against Notre Dame in a scrimmage at Disney on Friday evening.
JU Junior Tanner Gard from Winter Springs HS
Tanner Gard is a junior from Winter Springs High School.  He started at Presbyterian College and came to JU as a transfer.  Tanner is a starting D-pole and was one of only three JU players to start all 15 games last season. Tyler Black is a sophomore out of Jupiter High School.  Tyler played in all 15 games last season as a freshman and even scored a couple of goals and picked up 23 GBs. Max Bush is a freshman coming off of a solid high school career at Timber Creek HS in Orlando.  Max is temporarily sidelined with a shoulder injury and dressed but did not play against Notre Dame.  He plans on being ready for the regular season, however, and is expected to contribute this season. IFL – Tanner, Coming out of Florida (Winter Springs) how was the transition to the D1 level. Tanner Gard – You just have to adapt to the level of play and make the best of it, you’ve got to work hard every day. IFL – Speaking of the work, how was the level of work compared to what you were used to?  
JU Sophomore Tyler Black from Jupiter HS
Tanner – Oh, it takes it to the next level.  But that’s what you have to do.  You’ve got to be faster and stronger, so you have to do the work. IFL – Tyler, how about you, coming out of Jupiter.  You are now playing top flight competition every single day, how has the transition been? Tyler Black – It was pretty tough.  I was lucky to have a couple of good coaches who were fresh out of college so they really helped me understand what I was going to be going into and I did a little bit of stuff at home to get ready. IFL – And who was that you were playing for down at Jupiter? Read Tyler’s answer and the rest of the interview here....