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It’s time for parents and athletes to ratchet up the pressure on the Broward County School Board

Written by Lee Roggenburg on . Posted in .
The Sun-Sentinel has an article that is mostly positive about the outlook for lacrosse in Broward County. It begins, “Lacrosse is a step closer to becoming a varsity sport for all Broward County Athletic Association schools. At a meeting Friday afternoon, school board officials paved the way for schools to add lacrosse to their programs.” You can read the article here… However, as one coach we have spoken to pointed out, the lacrosse community should proceed with caution.  Damian Huttenhoff has waffled on this issue and should not be perceived as someone who is 100% in support of lacrosse.  The folks in Broward County have created a Facebook page where you can obtain the latest info, share opinions, and meet other concerned lacrosse citizens.  It can be found at this link .  There is also a meeting scheduled for tomorrow evening, Wednesday June 1st.  The meeting will be held at the South Plantation High School Magnet Amphitheatre from 7:00-9:00.  All players and parents are invited to attend and to wear your team jerseys and colors in support of the support. If you have additional informaiton feel free to log in and leave it here in the comments section.